Volunteer tourism is fast becoming a preferred way for travelers to experience another country. Not only does it allow you to give back to local communities and conservation efforts, but it lets you immerse yourself deeper in the culture and essence of the place you’re visiting than the average tourist.

Volunteers experience ‘true Africa’ as they work side by side with local people in rural and underprivileged communities or get up close and personal with Africa’s amazing wildlife. Volunteering in Africa offers you a range of activities to partake in, whether you’re following a passion or a field of study, you could teach children in the townships of South Africa, assist in the conservation of the African lion in Zimbabwe, work in hospitals or clinics in Kenya; or carry out dolphin and marine research in Zanzibar.

Let us awaken the humanitarian in you!

Using your skills to help others or playing a role in wildlife research or conservation can be very rewarding, plus you’ll take home loads of new skills, knowledge and practical work experience. Taking part in a volunteering program abroad can add immense value to your resume and make you infinitely more employable.

The benefits of volunteering in Africa are infinite and we’re very proud of the remarkable things our volunteers have achieved so far and the wonderful relationships we’ve fostered with local community members, leaders and other organisations. Volunteering is also a great way to meet people, especially if you’re travelling solo, as you will usually be a part of a larger group during activities on the volunteer projects.

The uniqueness of the experiences can help you form lasting and meaningful friendships with fellow volunteers from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds and it’s an opportunity to learn about different cultures from all over the world. Also becoming more popular is the option of volunteering with your family or group of friends, which can be a great bonding or team building experience. So if you want to know how to volunteer in Africa, the answer’s easy – join our journey, bring your passion, your skills and your energy and let’s do something amazing, together.

What Volunteers Are Saying

“Working with African Impact was the most profound and fruitful experience of my entire life. I advise any potential volunteers to embrace the culture and keep an open mind in order to learn more about yourself and the world around you through the experience of giving. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to build relationships with so many wonderful people from all ages and walks of life.”


“I loved my volunteering experience with African Impact, I only wish I had volunteered for longer, it's left me wanting more and I'm already hoping to return. If you are looking for a volunteer experience that is legitimate, sustainable and enjoyable all whilst making a truly valuable impact then look no further. Where you want to be and what you want to do is totally up to you, and trust me, you will be in safe hands! Volunteering provides a broader perspective on all aspects of life, it deepens understanding and ignites intrigue. To volunteer is to learn, to enjoy, to experience. To be excited, exhilarated and to explore a sense of awe and wonder. If it does all this for you, just imagine what you can do for others.”


“After arriving and being welcomed by a friendly staff and crew of volunteers I immediately felt at home and never looked back. The two weeks that followed my arrival left me with memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Not only were the projects organized and fun, I also felt like I was actually helping people in the local communities.”