Volunteer or Intern in Africa with the
World’s Top Volunteer Organization

Named the World’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization for the 3rd year in row, African Impact is proud to offer multi-award-winning responsible volunteer projects, gap year travel programs and internship opportunities across 11 African countries.

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Volunteer Abroad with Africa’s Most Transformative and Impactful Responsible Travel Organization

At African Impact, we create life changing journeys. We are pioneers in the volunteer travel industry and experts in responsible volunteering, group travel and internships in Africa. We invite you to join our passionate teams and experience projects built, grown and developed hand-in-hand with local African communities since 2004. Let us take you #BeyondVolunteering to a place that connects cultures, mindset and ideas. A place that leaves us all awed, inspired, able to do more, discover more and to make a real impact.





Community Volunteering

Community Volunteering

Make a real change in African communities. Teaching, medical care and building are just some of the amazing projects on offer.

Conservation Volunteering

Conservation Volunteering

Help conserve Africa’s wildlife. From Big 5 research to Lion rehabilitation, and everything in between!

Internship Programs

Internship Programs

Looking to get some career experience or want to share your skills? Our internships are what you are after.

Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering

Whether you are travelling with friends, family or on an educational tour – we will design your perfect group volunteering opportunity!


Help establish small businesses in South Africa

Use plastic waste to create ecobricks in Zambia

Support orphaned and vulnerable children in a wildlife hot-spot

Address global health on this 4-week program in Zambia

Monitor and study the African Big 5 – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo – in South Africa


Why African Impact?
We live and breathe
all things Africa.
Aside from being the trusted specialist on volunteering and interning in Southern Africa, our staff know the best places to go, as well as the hidden treasures and secret spots that take you beyond a regular tourist trip.
We are about real,
measurable change.
Truly understanding the impact of our projects – and your contribution – is what makes African Impact the industry leaders. We set long-term objectives with our local partners, measure everything we do, and undertake valuable monitoring and evaluation.
We are with you
ALL the way.
It’s our responsibility to ensure that every aspect of your experience is incredible – we really care about that. Our experienced staff live and work with you, meaning you make the most of your trip.
We knock it
out of the park.
Named the Top Rated Volunteer Organization 2016, 2017 and 2018, and winner of multiple other awards each year, we are incredibly proud of our organization and what we are achieving for communities, wildlife and volunteers.
We are
paving the way.
We are pioneers in the volunteer travel industry and one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world. We are proud of our Foundation and key policies which ensure we are being responsible and acting in the best interests of all stakeholders.
Let's get started.
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