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Marine Research and Conservation, Mozambique

Scuba dive in Mozambique and get hands-on experience in world-class field research on a marine volunteer project designed and created by leading whale shark and manta ray scientists. With one of the highest populations of whale sharks in the world, year-round sightings of manta rays and home to other species such as whales, sharks and turtles, this project aims to conduct research to find out vital information about these threatened species and directly contribute towards the conservation efforts taking place in the area.


  • Live and work in the heart of African paradise itself – the Southern coast of Mozambique
  • Have the opportunity to meet these gentle giants of the sea, while learning from world-leading experts in the fields of marine biology, ecology and wildlife conservation
  • Help protect coral reefs at risk of exploitation
  • Assist in gathering information to inform governments and other stakeholders to improve legislative protection and the creation of protected areas
  • Help create and present educational classes on marine biology, ecology and conservation

About the Destination

From Tofo’s rustic, unspoilt beaches and turquoise seas to it’s vibrant marine life and colourful culture, everyone will enjoy this exotic paradise. Situated in Southern Mozambique with palm-fringed beaches and wide expanses of powdery white sand, this is a famous spot for world-class scuba-diving and for opportunities to spot some of the magnificant creatures that live here – whale sharks, manta rays and other large marine species such as sharks and turtles.

However, many of these species are under threat and the beautiful and important coral reefs in the area are at risk of exploitation and other changes associated with tourism and human interaction. Research on species and reef degradation is vital in working with governments and other stakeholders to improve legislative protection and the creation of protected areas. Volunteers play a huge part in gathering as much information as possible about these threatened species and directly contribute towards the conservation efforts taking place in Tofo.

Our research station and volunteer accommodation is positioned right on Tofo’s main beach – you can take a short stroll across the beautiful white sand, straight into the warm Mozambique water.

The climate is hot and humid all year round, with February the hottest month with an average daily maximum temperature of 30°C. The wettest months are January and February when afternoon thunderstorms are a regular occurrence and the cooler, dry season (April to October) is recommended as a more comfortable period to visit.

Dates & Rates

Prices include:
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • All accommodation and food, including 3 meals a day
  • 24 hour support from the experienced in-country staff
  • All required training and resources needed to make an impact
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
Prices exclude:
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Flights to your chosen destination
  • Visa-related fees
  • PADI Open Water qualification
  • Any further PADI courses you wish to undertake
  • Weekend trips and other non-project activities
  • Items of a personal nature, including snacks, gifts and alcohol
How your volunteer fee is used:

Volunteer tourism, or ‘voluntourism’ as it is popularly known, is loosely defined as a holiday in which you give back to the land you are visiting; contributing to either community development or conservation. But it’s so much more than that. Voluntourism encompasses a new trend of responsible tourism, where travelers are making informed and responsible choices and planning trips which don’t negatively affect the country or communities they are visiting. When volunteering, it is critical that travelers choose a volunteer organisation or charity with a proven ethos and philosophy around sustainable and responsible tourism practices. This applies both to their work with local communities, wildlife and our volunteers themselves.

African Impact is proud to have a 10 year track record of facilitating responsible volunteer programs in Africa, providing 24 hour support and guidance for volunteers and offering on-going support to communities in need. Understandably, these operations cost money to run and this is where the volunteer fee comes in.

Volunteer Reviews

“African Impact is the largest volunteer organization in the continent for a reason! Prioritizing sustainable solutions to social and environmental issues is only one aspect of what separates African Impact from other volunteer organizations. If you recognize your role and responsibility as a global citizen and want to apply existing skills, develop new skills and make a meaningful difference in the world then choose African Impact.”

Lindsay Allen, Canada

“I honestly couldn’t have wished for a more positive, honest and trust-worthy organization for my first time volunteering! Everybody in the company from helping arranging projects to other volunteers goes out of their way to do their very best to help you! The experience will stay with you forever!”

Jessica Church, UK

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