Wildlife Conservation Volunteering

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Africa is famous for its amazing wildlife and volunteering in the area of wildlife research and monitoring with an aim to aid conservation efforts is the best way to get up close to some of this continent’s most iconic, beautiful, dangerous and interesting wildlife.
Volunteers on our research projects will go out on research game drives (or boat trips) and spend time observing, monitoring and documenting animal behaviour, numbers, and social dynamics.
The research conducted by volunteers is submitted to research partners who are active in the area and used to aid conservation, effect tourism regulations to benefit wildlife, or provide information for on-going research.
Our wildlife research and conservation projects include dolphin and marine conservation in Zanzibar, lion rehabilitation in Zimbabwe, Big 5 and large predator research in South Africa, and wildlife monitoring in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

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Hands-On Lion Conservation, Antelope Park

Travel to the heart of the Zimbabwean bush to volunteer on a project to protect the future of Africa’s lions; the only program of it's kind in the world. Become a member of the pride as you walk alongside the cats, learning about lion behaviour and carrying out key research.

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FROM £ 1297 | € 1687 | US$ 2369 | AU$ 2853

African Big 5 & Wildlife Conservation, South Africa

Join our research team on game drives in the Greater Kruger Area, a wildlife hotspot in South Africa. Monitor and study the African Big 5 (leopard, rhino, lion, buffalo and elephant) and assist local wildlife foundations with the protection of endangered species.

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FROM £ 1199 | € 1557 | US$ 2109 | AU$ 2503

Big Cat Wildlife Research & Conservation, Masai Mara

Big Cat volunteers support our conservation efforts in the Naboisho Conservancy, which borders the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. You will actively monitor big cats and other wildlife whilst conducting important research that contributes to long-term park and animal management plans.

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FROM £1199 | €1557 | US$2142 | AU$2567

Lions, Conservation and Community – Victoria Falls, Zambia

Contribute to the conservation of the iconic African lion on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. You'll also play your part in a variety of conservation projects, including wild elephant-human conflict research whilst working closely with the local communities of Livingstone and Victoria Falls.

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FROM £ 1037 | € 1362 | US$ 1914 | AU$ 2281

Christmas Volunteering – Antelope Park, Zimbabwe

Celebrate this holiday season in the heart of the Zimbabwean bush. Give back to the communities and assist with holiday parties at the local schools, while also participating in the first lion conservation program of its kind in Africa. Where else in the world!

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FROM £1297 | €1687 | US$2369 | AU$2853

Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Orphan Care

Get involved in the day-to-day running of one of the largest sanctuaries for chimpanzees in the world, Chimfunshi, once called ‘the most wonderful place on earth’ by Jane Goodall. Care for the rescued chimpanzees while living in the true African wilderness of northern Zambia!

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FROM USD 1947 | GBP 1102 | EUR 1427 | AUD 2360

Christmas Volunteering – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Celebrate this holiday season at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World! Get a unique opportunity to walk with young lions in their natural habitat and at the same time, track, monitor and collect data on large predators and other wildlife in one of the world’s largest conservation areas.

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FROM £1167 | €1524 | US$2142 | AU$2567

Wildlife Photography & Conservation, South Africa

Guided and tutored by a professional photographer, volunteers gain practical experience in wildlife photography while supporting NGOs and raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues in South Africa.

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FROM £ 1895 | € 2495 | US$ 3495 | AU$ 4169

Dolphin Research & Marine Conservation, Zanzibar

Travel to the tropical island paradise of Zanzibar and assist with researching dolphins in their natural habitat, study the impacts of tourism on dolphin behaviour and discover a new underwater world collecting data on coral reefs.

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FROM £1167 | €1524 | US$2077 | AU$2495