Teaching & Education Volunteering

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The most effective way of creating positive, long-term change in a society is through the power of teaching & education, which is why our teaching and education volunteer programs are so important. As a largely undeveloped continent, the opportunity for growth is extraordinary, yet children across Africa are restricted by sub-standard education systems and a plethora of cultural and societal norms that keep them from progressing. Some key facts to demonstrate the issue:

  • Africa is home to almost half of the world’s out of school children
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, over 10million children drop out of primary school every single year
  • For every 2 children who attend school, 1 will drop out before graduating.

As a teaching volunteer in Africa, you will get the opportunity to not only enrich the lives of children, but directly inspire them to thrive and achieve great things using your creativity and limited resources. While each of our volunteer projects have a varying focus, volunteers at most of our destinations will provide vital support for local teachers at a rural pre-, primary and high-school. The support given to the teachers at these schools enhances the quality of education they are able to provide and eases their load for effective teaching and assessment of the children in their care. Most significantly, volunteer assistance means children are able to access one-to-one attention they otherwise would not receive. This is extremely important for identifying children who are falling behind in their education and providing the support they so desperately require.

After-school programs, including art, math, sports and reading clubs, are also a large part of a volunteer’s role on a teaching project. These initiatives help to keep children away from the dangers associated with the vulnerable after-school hours, including gang culture and substance abuse.

Teaching volunteering doesn’t end with children; in Zanzibar and Moshi, we offer free adult education classes for those interested in furthering their education; in Zululand, we work to train rural teachers to better be able to look after the children in their care; at Victoria Falls we run adult literacy clubs and support the elderly. We believe that education should be available to anyone who wants it.

Across our teaching and education volunteer projects in Africa, our volunteers have already achieved amazing things:

  • In January 2018, volunteers at Antelope Park were directly involved in helping an incredible 19 out of 20 special needs students attain the standards required for re-integration into the main stream schooling system for 2018. This is a huge achievement and testament to the hard work of our volunteers and the significance of their support for these children.
  • In 2017, a community education center was built from the ground-up in Zanzibar, providing a long-term space for African Impact to host their free education classes. As of March 2018, this now includes business workshops.
  • Our rural teacher development program in Zululand has seen 20 teachers sign up and complete their training. This training means they can provide more structured, effective and quality education to over 660 local village children.

It is because of volunteer support that these achievements are possible. Volunteers extend their influence in multiple ways; from planning captivating and fulfilling lessons, contributing towards extracurricular activities and after-school clubs and engaging and motivating individuals, to giving them the opportunity to try something new and develop their skills and talents. It’s not only your students who learn; you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and discover…

Why do we support teaching and education? It’s the simple things in life which provide the most value. Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to promote and achieve positive change.

Use your skills to help a child or adult develop and realize their own potential. Check out our teaching and education volunteer projects below:

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Teaching & Community Support, Zanzibar

Live the tropical island dream while teaching English, caring for children, promoting gender equality, developing the community centre and assisting with local conservation initiatives in incredible Zanzibar.

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FROM £ 939 | US$ 1372

Orphan Day Care and Community Support, Zululand

Living by the beach and surrounded by Africa’s most magnificent wildlife, volunteers work directly with the chiefs of the village and families living in poverty to support young children and contribute to bigger and brighter futures for them.

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FROM £ 839 | US$ 1,374

Social Impact Experience, Cape Town

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes on this part-time home stay experience in Cape Town. This is an eye-opening, authentic experience that provides an understanding of what poverty looks like, and allows for a real social impact within South Africa.

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FROM £939 | US$1524

Early Childhood Development, Cape Town

Share your passion for education and love of working with children as you work with underprivileged and undeveloped communities in Cape Town, teaching and caring for disadvantaged children and providing youth with better and brighter opportunities for their future.

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FROM £ 787 | US$ 1313

Big 5 Wildlife Research & Youth Empowerment

Volunteer in the world-famous Greater Kruger Area on this combination project and work with underprivileged children in the local community, as well as conduct research on Africa’s Big 5 in the surrounding game reserves.

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FROM £ 1134 | US$ 2077