Female Empowerment Internships

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“The difference between a broke community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued.” – Michelle Obama

Our gender quality projects strive to empower and inspire women and girls, providing them with a sense of self-worth and pride. The best way we can achieve this is through the power of education.

Educating women will fundamentally allow women to live safer lives. Currently in Sub-Sahara Africa, 1 in 31 mothers will die during childbirth. Whereas in developed regions, it’s 1 in 4,300. These numbers reflect and demonstrate the differences between the levels of education. Increased education will discourage early pregnancy and decrease the risks associated with it. With education, the scale of these issues will significantly decrease:

If all women and girls in Sub-Sahara Africa were provided with an education:(UNESCO, 2018)

Early Pregnancy

  • Secondary Education: 60% fewer girls would become pregnant under the age of 17 years


  • Primary Education: 1.7 million children would be saved from malnutrition.
  • Secondary Education: 12 million children would be saved from malnutrition.
  • Death in Child Birth

  • Primary Education: Would reduce by 70% – 500,000 lives would be saved.
  • Child Marriage

  • Primary Education: 14% fewer child marriages
  • Secondary Education: 2/3 fewer child marriages
  • It is evident just how important education for women really is. Women who are given an education are much more likely to their lives full of choice, opportunity and prosperity. That’s where our interns come in. Interns will educate and inspire women and girls, teaching them the importance of:
  • Safety and prevention of violence- allowing girls and women to live safety and free from violence
  • Early Pregnancy – An education will help towards reducing the levels of early pregnancy.
  • Making a Living- giving girls and women opportunity and hope for the future
    Self- confidence- Empowering women and girls to be aspirational and achieve their hopes and ambitions.
  • Most importantly, interns will engage with these girls and women, uplifting them and enabling women to find their voice. By supporting our initiative, you will be providing these women with a chance they may not otherwise have.
    Make a significant difference and help these girls and women realise their potential and inspire them to achieve their dream.

    Your choice of destinations range from:

  • Victoria Falls, Zambia
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • If you want to get involved, check out our Gender Equality projects below!
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