South Africa Volunteer Opportunities

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There is a reason why South Africa is consistently rated one of the top travel destinations in the world. Make that several reasons! Where else can you watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain, catch a wave in the ocean and spot an elephant roaming at dusk all in the same day? President Nelson Mandela proclaimed this country as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ – a country as diverse and colorful as it is exciting and adventurous.

African Impact specializes in award winning volunteer travel that offers a diverse range of charitable projects and internships throughout South Africa. As a volunteer, you could be researching Africa’s Big 5 in the Greater Kruger, educating on HIV/AIDS in Zululand, or supporting orphaned and vulnerable youth in the Cape Flats of iconic Cape Town.

You will balance your volunteer work with bucket-list experiences such as safari’s in world famous Kruger National Park, climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town, shark cage dives or driving the world-famous road trip, The Garden Route.

Whether you’re looking for a responsible way to travel, spend your gap year, or just volunteer abroad, then an unforgettable, eye-opening and life changing experience awaits you in South Africa.

Fast Facts:
• South Africa is a Republic made up of 9 provinces.
• There are 11 official languages.
• South Africa has not one but 3 capitals: Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.
• The country boasts the third highest biodiversity in the world.
• Visitors can see the country’s celebrated ‘Big 5’ – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard.
• Table Mountain in cape Town was recently inaugurated as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.
• South Africa has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit, including Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.
• The superb coastal stretches make it the world’s best land-based whale watching spot and a haven for sun worshippers and surfers alike.
• Adventure tourism is a huge in South Africa – bungee jumping, shark cage diving, whale watching, abseiling and skydiving are popular.

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African Big 5 & Wildlife Conservation, South Africa

Join our research team on game drives in the Greater Kruger Area, a wildlife hotspot in South Africa. Monitor and study the African Big 5 (leopard, rhino, lion, buffalo and elephant) and assist local wildlife foundations with the protection of endangered species.

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FROM £ 1,264 | US$ 2,272

Orphan Day Care and Community Support, Zululand

Living by the beach and surrounded by Africa’s most magnificent wildlife, volunteers work directly with the chiefs of the village and families living in poverty to support young children and contribute to bigger and brighter futures for them.

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FROM £ 839 | US$ 1,374

Social Impact Experience, Cape Town

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes on this part-time home stay experience in Cape Town. This is an eye-opening, authentic experience that provides an understanding of what poverty looks like, and allows for a real social impact within South Africa.

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FROM £939 | US$1524

Early Childhood Development, Cape Town

Share your passion for education and love of working with children as you work with underprivileged and undeveloped communities in Cape Town, teaching and caring for disadvantaged children and providing youth with better and brighter opportunities for their future.

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FROM £ 787 | US$ 1313

Sports Coaching & Development, Cape Town South Africa

Provide much-needed sports coaching to children in Cape Town’s townships, helping them development important team work and communication skills. As a volunteer, you’ll help teach physical education sessions and coach children in various sports alongside a local NGO.

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FROM £ 845 | US$ 1372

Rural Medical & HIV/AIDS Awareness, Zululand

Offer vital medical and healthcare assistance in a rural Zulu village of South Africa. With one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the country and a lack of resources and skilled medical staff nearby, this area is in desperate need of dedicated volunteers.

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FROM £ 839 | US$ 1374