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There is a reason why so many people come to volunteer in South Africa and why this incredible country is consistently rated one of the top travel destinations in the world. Make that several reasons. Where else can you watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain, catch a wave in the ocean and spot an elephant roaming at dusk all in the same day? President Nelson Mandela proclaimed this country as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ – a country as diverse and colorful as it is exciting and adventurous.

What Is It Like Volunteering in South Africa?

South Africa is African Impact’s home (so we may be a little biased), but volunteering in South Africa is completely unique to any other destination on earth. Despite their complex history, South Africans are hugely welcoming to international travelers and are extremely proud of their tourism industry. Outside of it being one of the top destinations in Africa for those looking to go on safari or experience the continent’s iconic wildlife, it’s also an adventure-junkie’s paradise. You can surf, sky-dive, bungee-jump, go whale watching, ride horses, dive with Great white sharks, and even ski (yes, it can snow here!). Tourism is the backbone of the economy and an income-generator for a lot of communities, so South Africa is the perfect destination to volunteer if you’re also looking to tick some bucket list adventures off your list.

But, there’s a lot more to experience as a volunteer in South Africa than simply the tourist attractions.

South African Culture

South Africa is also known for its diverse culture and has 11 different official languages – there is no other country in the world with quite so many. As a volunteer in South Africa with African Impact, here is a little bit more information on some of the cultures you will encounter:


The Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, with Zulu the most widely spoken language, easily identifiable by its ‘clicking’ sounds. Traditionally, Zulu men wore animal skins and feathers, made famous by King Shaka Zulu who also brandished a large spear and shield. However, in today’s culture, most Zulu people wear traditional Western clothing and will only adorn traditional attire when celebrating. That being said, while volunteering in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa, don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a traditional ceremony or two, but be sure to try and learn a few of the ‘clicks’!


Sotho was one of the first written languages in Africa and has a rather mysterious origin. While Sotho is the official language of the Kingdom of Lesotho, it is now widely spoken across the North-Eastern part of South Africa. Similarly to many other South African tribal cultures, Sotho communities are are split into villages, led by a chief. Uniquely, however, traditional Sotho villages are separated by age and assigned specific roles and responsibilities. While volunteering with animals on our Greater Kruger projects, you’ll definitely encounter this colorful tribe.


While not the most spoken language in South Africa, Xhosa is the most widely distributed, meaning you may bump into a Xhosa speaker anywhere you visit (but you are guaranteed when doing an internship in Cape Town!). More fascinating is that around 15% of the Xhosa language originates from the San people; the first people of South Africa and one of only 14 populations from which all humans descended. Perhaps the most famous Xhosa-speaker of all time? Nelson Mandela!

Why You Should Volunteer in South Africa:

For many, South Africa is on their radar because of the late Nelson Mandela, who was the face of revolution and played a key role in the anti-Apartheid movement. However, it’s important to note that more than 50% of South Africa’s population still live in poverty and remnants of the Apartheid era are still evident in day to day life.

Apartheid (literally meaning ‘apartness’ in the Afrikaans language), was a political and social system in South Africa that ensured racial segregation and deep discrimination against non-white individuals by limiting their rights and privileges. While South Africa has a very long history of racial discrimination, the law of Apartheid only came into play in 1948 and ended in the early 1990’s, following years of protesting, international pressure and negotiations led by figurehead Nelson Mandela. 1994 saw the country’s first democratic election, where Mandela was elected the first black President of South Africa.

Despite having ended over twenty-five years ago, the social, economic and politic consequences of the Apartheid rule is still impacting the 57-million residents of South Africa and there is still enormous inequality that continues to provide barriers to quality education and healthcare for marginalized citizens.

The unequal distribution of wealth is not only seen in the bright lights of the most well-known city, Cape Town, but across the country. Communities living alongside some of the most famous national parks in South Africa are also struggling from food scarcity and minimal opportunities for employment, while those living on the rural coastline struggle to access healthcare and find schools for their children.

Its complex and difficult history, one that is still very much in the making, means South Africa is a country that welcomes, and needs, volunteer support.

What Is It Like Volunteering in South Africa With African Impact?

As a volunteer in South Africa with African Impact, you will directly support one of our initiatives that focus on the sustainable support of local communities or conserving the country’s precious wildlife. Living with our team at one of the program bases (there’s three across South Africa), you’ll work alongside other international volunteers from Monday through Friday, having your weekend free to explore and get up to mischief.

For those looking for a slice of rural, coastal South Africa, let us introduce our Zululand projects, based from the tropical town of St Lucia. We’ve been working in the rural villages here for over ten years and our volunteers have always been an integral part of the community. It’s ideal for those looking to volunteer with children in Africa, as we support a number of day cares that look after orphaned and vulnerable children. We also run a medical program here that sees volunteers working in rural clinics, providing home-based care to home-bound patients, as well as running support groups for those suffering from HIV or AIDS.

If you love the hustle and bustle of city life, our Cape Town projects could be for you. We’ve been working in the township communities of Khayelitsha, Red Hill and Langa for over five years, providing effective early childhood development programming and sports coaching, as well as supporting local teachers in their classrooms. More recently, we launched an award-winning girl empowerment initiative to try and reach the girls we work with who are falling behind and are most at-risk from early marriage and pregnancy.

If working with animals in South Africa is more up your street, then look no further than our Greater Kruger Projects. Based from a beautiful lodge on a private game reserve, volunteers focus predominantly on researching the iconic ‘Big Five’ (elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo), undertaking conservation photography, teaching conservation education and spending almost every day on the back of a safari vehicle. What’s not to love!?

For those looking to spend a little longer abroad, we also run internships in South Africa from all three project bases, varying from social work and gender equality, to field research and wildlife photography. These internships are a truly unique work experience opportunity and offer interns an exceptional level of support, including a personal development coach and academic mentor.

Personal highlights from our volunteer projects in South Africa last year include:

  • Helping 15 out-of-school children in Cape Town reach their developmental milestones
  • Spending over 2500 hours treating home-bound patients in Zululand
  • 824 elephant sightings added to the photo-ID database in the Greater Kruger Region, to help identify and track their movements
  • Directly impacting 650 children through the training of 20 rural teachers in Zululand
  • Launching a project in the Greater Kruger Region that helps local people earn a sustainable income
  • Holding an amazing 7-week sport tournament in Cape Town for over 200 disadvantaged children

It is because of volunteer and intern support that achievements like these are possible.

Our Top Volunteer Projects and Internships in South Africa Include:

If you are passionate about applying for an internship or becoming a volunteer in South Africa and want to experience this diverse and extraordinary country for yourself, check out the full list of available programs below:

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FROM US$ 2345

African Big 5 & Wildlife Conservation

LocationSouth Africa

Duration2 - 12 weeks

ImpactWildlife Conservation

Research and protect the 'Big 5' - Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo - on this award-winning wildlife conservation volunteer program in South Africa.

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FROM US$ 1415

Wildlife Sanctuary: Rescue and Release

LocationSouth Africa

Duration2 - 12 weeks

ImpactAnimal Care

Join our rescue and release team at a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa where we care for and rehabilitate rescued, injured, and lost wildlife.

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FROM US$ 1225

Girl Empowerment, South Africa

LocationCape Town

Duration10 days - 12 weeks

ImpactGender Equality

Educate young people about gender equality while helping them pursue their dreams on this girl empowerment volunteer program in Cape Town.

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FROM US$ 1495

Family Group Volunteering




If you've been dreaming about an African adventure holiday with your family, let us put together a magical, unique volunteering trip.

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FROM US$ 6425

Wildlife Photography Internship

LocationSouth Africa

Duration8 - 12 weeks


Gain experience alongside a professional photographer and other budding photographers on this Wildlife Photography Internship in the Greater Kruger Area.

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Faculty-Led Gender Equality Program


Duration3 weeks

ImpactGender Equality

Explore gender equality issues in an African context and expand your theoretical knowledge by improving existing structures and implementing strategies.

more information