Madagascar Volunteer Opportunities

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Famous for its pepper, vanilla and possibly most well-known for its lemurs, Madagascar is ringed with golden beaches and palm trees. It is found off the south-east coast of Africa and separated by the Mozambique Channel and hundreds of kilometres of ocean expanse. Behind the island’s beautiful coral beaches travellers will find an almost continuous line of picturesque lagoons.

The island’s volcanoes, rainforests and grassy plateaus are home to some of the world’s most interesting living animals 75% of which are unique to Madagascar. From the biggest and smallest chameleons, over 32 different types of lemurs and a staggering 3,000 indigenous species of butterfly – all call the island home.

With quality hiking, tropical forests, Savannah, wildlife and culture, Madagascar’s tropical wonderland is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets!

  • 18 different ethnic groups from throughout Indonesia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula are located in Madagascar, and have united in a common Malagasy culture and language.
  • Madgascar is the fourth largest island in the world.
  • Separated from the mainland 165 million years ago
  • Madagascar boasts an immense diversity of flora and fauna – 12,000 plant species to be exact!
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