There are so many people out there considering volunteering. Whether they’re taking a gap year, a career break, or a short trip, more and more people are looking for meaningful ways to contribute their time. One of the biggest challenges in today’s world is the huge amount of choice available. This makes finding a good fit or opportunity harder because you just can’t tell who is legitimate, and who isn’t.

One of the perfect ways to combat this is through past volunteer reviews. Contributing to these review sites helps future volunteers get a great idea of what to expect. You can talk about your volunteer experience, the friends you met, the tourist attractions you visited, and even the food served on project. All of these are useful for future volunteers so they can know what to expect, find their perfect project, or know exactly what to pack.

Reviews are not only great for potential volunteers, but they’re great for us too. We’re always looking for ways to improve, and your constructive criticism helps us do that. You’re also probably full of suggestions regarding where projects can go, and how to do them better. Please share these, we promise we’ll credit you for all the great ideas you throw our way.

Your reviews also help the projects on the ground. Increased support is not only encouraging, but useful in getting funding and support to the projects that benefit from it the most. Outsiders want to know what they’re contributing towards, and your review helps them see what’s happening on the ground.

Your perspective is invaluable, and while some of your friends may tire of hearing your stories, we certainly won’t and neither will potential volunteers or project managers. Get those typing hands ready and share your memories, thoughts, and photos with us and the world.