The Silent Killer of the Kruger

Look further than elephant and rhino poaching, illegal snares are killing millions of animals every single year.

This is a collection of snares removed from the Greater Kruger Area in South Africa; loops of wire that are used by poachers to trap wildlife for the bush meat trade.

Every loop has the potential to maim or kill one wild animal.

And 90% of those animals are left to rot and die in the bush.

But, there’s hope. Last year, rangers in the Kruger National Park removed 1600 snares.

And African Impact volunteers on our wildlife conservation initiative in the Kruger followed suit.


Hear from our team in the Kruger

As part of their weekly duties, volunteers undertake intensive snare sweeps in surrounding private game reserves and remove any trap they find.

Snare sweeping is one of the most immediate ways that you can conserve the life of a wild animal.

Conservation starts with your contribution.