We’re creating amazing volunteer experiences in Africa, contributing to worthy causes and having fun doing it – want to join us?

Volunteer Coordinator

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

We are looking for an enthusiastic, sociable and responsible team player to join us ASAP as a Volunteer Coordinator for our Victoria Falls programs in Zimbabwe!

From here, we run a number of volunteer projects in partnership with the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust and Lion Encounter, including a pioneering lion conservation project, a superb wildlife photography program, as well as an elephant conservation project.

You will be responsible for supporting the day-to-day running of the volunteers, which is not a 9-5 job! It is very important that you have strong interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as a proactive, get-up-and-go attitude. We require all staff to set a positive example for volunteers, so you must love socializing with different types of people and mixed ages. And very importantly; you are willing to commit for at least 6 months.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support a smooth day to day running of the volunteers at our volunteer accommodation
    • Facilitate volunteer orientation (such as a lodge induction)
    • Participate in the project activities
    • Socialize every day with volunteers to make them feel at home (this means during the day, but also in the evenings and weekends)
    • Effectively communicate goals and reasoning behind guidelines to volunteers
    • Ensure volunteers adhere to project rules
    • Ensure volunteers know: when/where/what they are doing and adhere to schedule – punctuality, project goals
    • Answer volunteer questions and resolve issues
    • Create a positive volunteer atmosphere – present, enthusiastic and engaged
    • Organize daily/weekly schedule for all volunteers
    • Effectively support volunteers who require more attention
    • Timely identify any issues or complaints from volunteers (so we can work on this during their stay instead of after)
    • Assist the team in creating and delivering weekly events (e.g. quiz nights, movie nights)
    • Work together with the catering manager to organize meals for volunteers
    • Contribute to the running of social media
    • Contribute to the weekly production of weekly project reports
    • Organize volunteers’ verbal and online feedback surveys before their departure
    • Plan ahead and be consistently ahead with tasks
    • Due to the nature of the tourism industry you may be called upon to assist in any other task or duty assigned to you by management and in line with the growth and development of the greater company

Salary and Benefits:

  • $400 a month
  • Accommodation at the volunteer lodge
  • 3 meals per day
  • Internet or Wifi, depending on what’s available!
  • Visa-related fees – a cost of $500 (if you stay for 6 months)

Flights and medical insurance will be covered by yourself

How To Apply

If you are interested in joining the team at Victoria Falls, please send a CV and covering letter to maaike@lionencounter.com 

Please note: We are looking for someone to join us as soon as possible!

Teaching & Community Support Coordinator

Jambiani, Zanzibar

We are looking for an enthusiastic team player, passionate about sustainable volunteer travel and community engagement.

The Teaching and Community Support Project Coordinator will have strong interpersonal and organizational skills and have a proactive nature to be an essential member of the Teaching Project team.

They will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the project and actively seek to manage volunteers and ensure positive development and sustainability of the project.  This role requires someone who can set a positive example for all volunteers, with particular emphasis on community awareness and engagement.

Roles and responsibilities:

Project Coordination:

  • Lead the day-to-day running of the project with the other project and community coordinators
  • Leading volunteer preparation for lessons
  • Ensure the quality of teaching and lesson preparation is consistent and maintains a high standard at all times
  • Constant communication to the team about any issues or project challenges
  • Working to actively create a positive team environment
  • Identify areas of project development and work with the team to ensure sustainability of the project
  • Ensure rationale behind all project-related decisions is understood by everyone involved


Volunteer Leadership:

  • Facilitate volunteer orientation and participation in the project
  • Effectively communicate goals and reasoning behind cultural guidelines to volunteers
  • Ensuring volunteers know: when/where/what they are doing and adhere to schedule – punctuality, project goals
  • Answering volunteer questions and resolving issues
  • Create a positive volunteer atmosphere – present, enthusiastic and engaged
  • Organizing daily/weekly schedule for all volunteers
  • Ensuring volunteers adhere to project rules
  • Effectively manage and support volunteers who require more attention


Community Engagement:

  • Maintain positive relationships with local staff, students, teachers and community members
  • Support and guide all local project members of staff to reach their goals and potential
  • Develop an understanding of the culture within the local community
  • Spend time in the community building relationships and assist volunteers transitioning into life in Jambiani
  • Be a champion of our cultural guidelines to upkeep African Impact’s reputation with the community
  • Respond quickly and directly to community needs – implement projects to support their requirements


Administration and Correspondence

  • Contribute to the running of social media
  • Contribute to the weekly production of weekly project reports
  • Organize local meal with nursery teachers directly
  • Collating weekly, monthly and quarterly teaching project statistics
  • Organize volunteers’ verbal and online feedback surveys before their departure
  • Create reports to effectively communicate specific projects developments to distribute across African Impact


African Impact Foundation:

  • Coordinate in house weekly fundraisers
  • Assist the team in creating and delivering monthly fundraisers
  • Deliver presentations about our Foundation and run our merchandise shop

Required Experience and Skills

  • Previous volunteer experience with African Impact preferred
  • A team player who’s interested in people, coaching and supporting volunteers
  • The ability to respect and work with different cultures
  • A passion to work on community-based initiatives with a focus on empowering learners
  • Self-motivated, flexible, independent, adaptable
  • You definitely love socializing with different types of people and mixed ages
  • A positive attitude, reliable and hard-working
  • Passionate about African Impact and sustainable development
  • A role model for volunteers and staff, representing the professionalism of African Impact at all times in both professional and personal conduct



Package inclusions:


3 meals per day



Flights and medical insurance will be covered by yourself.

How To Apply

Please email Lisa at lisa@africanimpact.com and Tess at tess@africanimpact.com with your CV and cover letter detailing why you think you are right for the job. We are sorry that we cannot respond to all applicants.

Operations Manager

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa

We are looking for an exceptional and dynamic person who can take care of all aspects of running our team and projects at our Project Location in the Greater Kruger Area location.

You will be reporting into Stuart and Stacey, business managers who have run the business from its inception in 2015. They will be supporting you in all aspects of your role and through their extensive career and life experience there is a great deal of knowledge to learn and draw from. As an integral part of the management team you will be expected to support business management on all aspects and at all times. Ensuring the culture on site is happy and enthusiastic is essential as the whole team lives on site. You will be an important part of making sure this culture is maintained through various means, team building, staff nights, positive approaches and enthusiasm for the great work we undertake in our projects.

The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, dynamic people person, who is fun, enthusiastic, naturally positive and solution orientated. Organization and planning along with exceptional team leadership are essential skills for this role. You will need to be detail orientated, but able to always see the bigger picture and make decisions in a confident and efficient way. You will need exceptional communication skills as detailed and clear reporting is a large part of the role.

Roles and responsibilities:


  • Responsible for all aspects of running the business on the ground
  • Ensure your assets (vehicles, accommodation etc.) are maintained and well looked after
  • Plan ahead and be consistently ahead with tasks
  • As issues arise, make decisions efficiently and confidently, considering all aspects involved and the bigger picture
  • Ensure there is always a qualified person on duty who can deal with any emergencies



  • Manage the weekly schedules for all volunteers and interns, ensuring all requirements are met and logistically possible
  • Coordinating daily transport regimes to get volunteers efficiently to projects
  • Work with Lodge manager to ensure volunteers arrive and depart safely and timeously. This may mean sometimes taking phone calls over weekends if volunteers miss flights
  • Following, improving and implementing systems to increase efficiency and keep operating costs under control
  • Planning ahead is key for this role to be as efficient as possible
  • Oversee organisation, logistics and promotion and financial tracking of weekend trips



  • Compile monthly petty cash, support team in being precise and accurate
  • Manage all aspects of the finances, tracking and reporting on expenses each month. Comparing with the forecasted budgets. Forecast and raise any operational expenses timeously
  • Manage all Cash and Bank transactions to ensure we pay suppliers on time and receive any money due to us


Team support / HR:

  • Ensure the communication and any training or instructions required for volunteers and team members to be prepared for all activities
  • Support, coach and lead by example to team at all times. Ensuring good working, sympathetic and encouraging relationships
  • Ensure there is a weekly meeting with team to cover the forthcoming activities, any general updates and to discuss any concerns or opportunities to improve
  • Manage AI team – Project Managers and Coordinators, Guides, Lodge Manager
  • Work closely with Lodge manager
  • Support and coach all your project staff to manage issues and overcome barriers they encounter with projects, the partners we work with and all volunteers
  • Retain a positive and supportive role with the lodge manager and lodge staff
  • Support team, encouraging greater knowledge and personal growth so they can support volunteers in daily duties
  • Support team in a personal and professional manner
  • Recruit staff where required – Plan ahead what is required in terms of recruitment
  • Create a good family vibe / culture amongst team including everyone.
  • Ensure all staff are well equipped to do their jobs and know all required procedures
  • Cover for Lodge Manager when on leave


Volunteers / Interns:

  • Prepare new volunteers for their stay by going through their Orientation
  • Ensure team is aware of any relevant medical details
  • Run a group feedback session for all volunteers at the appropriate times and send a summary of the discussion to your Manager
  • Get involved in the daily activities and evening prep, especially to coach and encourage volunteers and to see how well activities are going
  • Manage day to day issues with project activities, volunteers. Help with volunteer questions and resolve issues they have. Predict issues before they arise
  • Enforce code of conduct and understanding. Manage any disciplinary issue using our Code of Conduct in a timely and sensitive manner
  • Lead your team ensuring projects are organised, activities are appealing for volunteers and the volunteer experience is managed from the point they arrive until they depart
  • Ensure all volunteers feel part of the Aims of all projects and understand their roles in the project goals
  • Get to know your volunteers, identify how they can add more value during their stay and engage them on supporting your projects and our foundation (charitable arm) once they have left (Ambassadorship Program)
  • Set up exciting after project and weekend activities to enhance volunteers’ experience and to generate further income for the business
  • Take responsibility for managing emergency situations and major volunteer issues


Partners and Projects:

  • Ensure all volunteer activities have a strong purpose
  • Ensure all projects work to their own objectives while creating a partnership and strong links between them which ensures volunteers all feel integrated
  • Activities that have a clear objective and know all the tasks involved, relate to Yearly and monthly Aims and Achievements
  • Set out the Aims and Achievements for your projects, communicate these effectively and review them on a Quarterly basis so you, your team and Volunteers understand and feel part of a bigger picture. Maintain a visual record and account keeping for logged hours and participation
  • Ensure all data is collected regularly and accurately
  • Be responsible for the Child Protection Policy, that all guidelines are upheld and understood. Should any issue arise communication is correctly made and reported
  • Get continuous feedback from Partners on what is and isn’t working
  • Integrate feedback into continuous improvement of the projects
  • Ensure the projects make a long term, positive change and you are working with responsible partners in all you do
  • Relationship management – Be accountable for building and maintaining positive relations with important project partners. This at all times has the highest relevance in all decision making. Uphold African Impact’s name


Our Foundation:

  • Manage and track donations given by volunteers, both money and donated items
  • Be accountable for Foundation income and expenditure
  • Coach Foundation interns in their placements. Give guidance on focal projects and expenditure


Marketing and Sales:

  • Support Cape Town office with all aspects they require
  • Work with the Marketing Manager and your Destination Manager to improve the marketing of your projects including Social Media and providing content for Awards, grant submissions, etc



  • Encourage new / developmental ideas from yourself and your teams to be presented to Business Managers prior to implementation
  • Agree key changes and how they will be implemented with your Managers
  • Identify areas of growth and discuss these with the Business Managers
  • Encourage new ideas from the team, but bring a realistic edge



  • Report and discuss key project successes, issues and donations
  • Complete reporting of weekly diary, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Manage Facebook page – posts are done by team
  • Report any lodge issues to lodge manager and assist where needed
  • Produce Monthly reports covering Progress and Issues, Finances and Operations

Required Experience and Skills

  • Proven experience, and passionate about managing people
  • Team leadership
  • Remote living working experience advantageous
  • Project management experience advantageous
  • Hospitality experience advantageous
  • Volunteer experience advantageous
  • First Aid and PDP Driving license advantageous



Package inclusions:

This exciting and rewarding job comes with many benefits;

  • Competitive salary
  • Private accommodation
  • Live in – 3 meals a day
  • Monday to Friday – Weekends off (sometimes you will be required to help out as is subject to our industry, this can be avoided most of the time with clear and proper planning)

How To Apply

Please email Stuart (stuart@africanimpact.com) with your CV and cover letter detailing why you think you are right for the job. We are sorry that we cannot respond to all applicants.

Post-Masters Researcher

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa

African Impact’s Research and Conservation Projects in the Greater Kruger Area utilize volunteers to help gather valuable field data on the African Big 5 and work to conserve their habitats.

We’re hiring a Post-Masters Researcher to support and manage all aspects of the research requirements through a combination of field and lab work.

The job description below serves as an outline of role responsibilities. Line items are intentionally kept broad due to the nature of our industry. A level of flexibility is required and expected to support other elements of the organization, which will be discussed with your management if and when necessary.

Roles and responsibilities:

You will report directly into the Operations and Business Managers.


  • After familiarisation with current documentation, partners and collection practices, you will identify and agree improvements to help streamline processes, ensuring a quality volunteer experience at all times
  • Identify growth prospects for research projects with reserves, educational faculties, private individuals and government sponsored organizations
  • Work with Reserve Management ecologists and partners to enhance relationships and progress projects
  • Promote understanding and information amongst teams
  • Agree with management team report systems
  • Track and report on all projects’ aims and achievements
  • Oversee all data collection, ensuring it is accurate and in its best form for partners to use



  • Adhere to reporting structures and where relevant, build/develop new ones with Operations/Business Manages
  • Deliver reports in agreed structures to various entities as outlined above
  • Final checks to all data collected/entered/analyzed, reports, publications and any other outputs of the research project. Attention to detail and complete accuracy is essential



  • Guide and support volunteers, enhancing understanding of conservation and research programs
  • Strive for impeccable quality and full participation
  • Work with wider African Impact teams so they are best able to visualize and communicate information to all volunteers
  • Take responsibility for activities and projects in the reserve and surrounding areas


Understanding and working with the Research Team

  • Planning – to ensure people and projects are prepared in advance
  • Work in partnership with the Operations Manager to understand the needs of the volunteers and the project to ensure activities are right for all concerned
  • Help volunteers prepare for activities through the induction, the Buddy system and overseeing the first few days for all volunteers
  • Work with volunteers to plan, execute and review activities
  • Ensure the volunteers understand the appropriate clothing to wear
  • Organize and communicate daily activities to volunteers based on the weekly schedule. Ensure EVERY volunteer knows the following day’s timetable
  • Help answer volunteers’ questions and resolve any issues they have. Raise all issues with the Operations Manager
  • Ensure volunteers are aware of volunteer duties and are completing them



Day to day project involvement

  • Supervise volunteers by ensuring they know what to do, they are safe, they get the work done and have fun. Identify issues and deal with them with the support of management
    • Flexibility to help where required
  • Responsible for project tools and equipment – i.e. having enough tools, working with other staff and builders to plan ahead to ensure we have the right equipment for projects
  • Introduce activities to volunteers
  • Be in charge of the regular Facebook contribution. Each project is to have at least one write up per week, which is to be supported by photographs. Follow marketing guidelines
  • Ensure weekly highs and lows are given to the relevant Manager(s) on time
  • Plan the weekly schedule in advance to ensure all project responsibilities are met, the volunteers get the most from their time and there is good time management
  • Work with other Project team members to ensure Achievements Presentation is complete having recorded data and achievements throughout the month
  • Organize and communicate daily activities for volunteers based on the weekly schedule
  • Assist with project inductions and getting volunteers settled into the activities
  • Help answer volunteer’s questions and resolve any issues they have, raise issues to the relevant Manager(s)
  • Along with Managers you will help cover when the Business Manager(s) is/are away
  • Be responsible for volunteers some weekends
  • Arrange social activities for volunteers some evenings
  • Promote trips and tours for volunteers
  • Keep proof (receipts) for all expenditure and pass to Manager(s)
  • Spend time to get to know and show an interest in all the volunteers
  • Be a role model for the volunteers in all your actions and behaviors at all times
  • Spend time with volunteers in the evenings, inclusive of dinners and on running and/or taking part in occasional evening activities also


Reviewing – Continuous improvement of project

  • Gather feedback from volunteers, partners and colleagues on what’s going well and not going so well on the projects and speak to every volunteer in their last week and describe the importance of giving feedback
  • Integrate feedback into continuous improvement of the projects and agree key changes and how they will be implemented with Managers
  • Ensure each volunteer completes an Indemnity form on their first day, as well as media release forms and a feedback form before they leave


Project Operations

  • Report any vehicle issues to management
  • Back up company documents once per week
  • Take responsibility and work with the African Impact team, helping out wherever is required from time to time
  • Manage project team, give support and ensure team knows their daily tasks


Project Development

  • Work alongside Management and the Sales and Marketing team to promote Research projects and ultimately increase volunteer bookings
  • Describe and assist with writing project brochures to best sell to prospective volunteers
  • Grow the project impact and always be aware of growth opportunities
  • Train any new team members (all) on importance of Research projects and all detail required to run the activities and talk confidently about the projects
  • Always be on the lookout for development and bring ideas to Business Management
  • Implementation, monitoring, management and reporting of all agreed development.
  • Take ownership of partner relationships and meetings
  • Throughout all of your tasks you will be supported by your managers. It is your responsibility to raise concerns and ask for help where needed



African Impact Foundation

  • Support the African Impact Foundation in fundraising efforts. Help with arranging fundraising, talk to volunteers about ideas on how to fundraise, etc
  • Actively talk with volunteers and potential donors
  • Bring new ideas to fundraise to your management
  • Track / plan your expenditure and fundraising for your project
  • Monthly project updates
  • Apply for grants with the support of your management and the Foundation team


Support Teams

  • Work alongside and support the full research team
  • Support sister projects as and when suitable (photographer and community)

Additional Details

Package inclusions:

  • Salary: Industry related and dependant on experience
  • Meals and furnished accommodation provided
  • Weekly laundry
  • Wi-Fi

How To Apply

Please email Stuart (stuart@africanimpact.com) with your CV and cover letter detailing why you think you are right for the job. We are sorry that we cannot respond to all applicants.