We’re creating amazing volunteer experiences in Africa, contributing to worthy causes and having fun doing it – want to join us?

Sales Specialist

Cape Town, South Africa

As an African Impact Sales Specialist, you will be responsible for the sales of a number of volunteer projects across Africa. The role is based in our ocean-front Cape Town office and forms part of a team who are responsible for creating the very best volunteer experiences on the planet.

We are a multi-award-winning volunteer travel organization and specialists in African volunteering. We’ve built, grown and developed our very own projects. We hire the most incredible people to make this happen and surround ourselves with inspiring human beings from every corner of the world.

We know volunteering can do even more, so join us, help us recruit volunteers and achieve more for communities and wildlife efforts across Africa.

Roles and Responsibilities

Converting Enquiries and Sales

You will need to:

  • Provide quick and professional engagement with volunteers via enquiries on our website and additional channels
  • Conduct the correct sales process to gain the highest conversion rate while ensuring a smooth and supported volunteer experience
  • Initiating telephone/Skype, SMS communication, followed with email to keep in touch with any potential bookings across the globe
  • Track enquiries efficiently with our CRM tool and work as a team with our administrative support, leaving all volunteers supported, engaged and fully prepared
  • Continuously build your knowledge and keep up to date with news on your projects so you are equipped to explain and describe the program to potential volunteers


Manage Bookings

You will need to:

  • Ensure all your sales material is up to date, of the highest caliber and illustrative of your projects
  • Be open to working on new sales methods as African Impact develop new markets and response messages
  • Work with the sales and marketing team to generate new ideas to promote your projects throughout the year
  • Have a working understanding of social media and the contribution to your sales promotion
  • Encourage all your volunteers to become Ambassadors, to promote African Impact in their home countries, and in turn, new volunteers
  • Work with the project teams to get the max bed nights for your destination
  • Continue to be the point of contact for any further questions or issues that may arise
  • Prepare the volunteers for their arrival – creating the right expectation, provide the necessary information and ensure all the right documents and information is in place before they travel
  • Track conversion rates (from enquiry to booking) and track against monthly target to help exceed these.
  • Work as a team with other Sales and Destination Managers to refer potential volunteers and help cover work when colleagues are sick or on leave

Required Experience and Skills

Only those that have previous experience and desire to succeed in this field should apply. A dedication for community and conservation development is a must, as well as ability to build rapport and great relationships with our volunteers and project teams.

Other requirements:

  • Proven track record and passion for sales
  • Strong selling skills with the right approach to sell an experience rather than a product
  • Ability to follow up numerous enquiries in good time, with a personable approach and good customer service
  • Ability to guide volunteers in the sales process and understand what’s correct for our volunteers when making decisions and dealing with issues
  • An understanding of the USA Market would be helpful
  • Passion for community and conservation development in Africa
  • Some experience in travel and understanding of why people volunteer
  • Organization and ability to delegate
  • Personable and can create strong relationships on projects and with distant team members
  • Ability to manage and involve others in resolving issues
  • Good communication – written and speaking
  • Able to travel to experience and keep up to date with our volunteer projects
  • Experience in using social media to create interest and updates on our projects

How To Apply

Please email Natascha at natascha@africanimpact.com with your CV and cover letter detailing why you think you are right for the job.  We are sorry that we cannot respond to all applicants.

Business Managers

Various Project Locations Across Africa

We are currently taking expressions of interest for Business Manager positions across various project locations.

This is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate to lead one of our life changing and award winning volunteer projects.

  • Are you a great leader and can communicate on many different levels?
  • Have you volunteered or managed volunteers previously ?
  • Do you have experience working in a culturally sensitive environment?
  • Are you excited to grow and develop our projects

If you answer yes to all the above, this could be for you;

You are accountable for the business performance within your project location which includes the growth, profitability, strength of the partnerships, the volunteer experience and impact within the communities where you work. You will continuously look for new avenues of income and seek to enhance the volunteer experience by creating award winning projects. You will work closely with the sales department to ensure that the projects are attractive to potential volunteers and offer uniqueness to your location.

You are also accountable for driving Our Foundation’s vision forward in your location and you will set and monitor fundraising targets, manage relationships with donors and partners and ensure our projects are run in a sustainable manner.

Roles and responsibilities:


 You will need to:

  • Continuously look for opportunities to grow the business through expanding the existing projects and developing new ideas
  • Network in your area to ensure you are maximising opportunities to increase revenue
  • Recommend areas for opportunity within your location to increase revenue and profit
  • Work with sales and marketing to ensure our literature  and social media platforms are up to date and reflective of our projects


Volunteer Experience

You will need to:

  • Be accountable for building and maintaining community and partner relationships
  • Ensure new projects are planned and approached in a sustainable way that works well with the community and volunteers
  • Coach teams on sustainable projects and plan how we can continuously improve
  • Manage major issues alongside your project manager
  • Give volunteers a life changing experience and inspire them to want to continue to support us
  • Ensure groups are planned well and delivered in a responsible way


Finance and Operations

You will need to:

  • Review expenses to ensure they are under control
  • Manage cash on the ground and track all expenses
  • Work with the finance team who are responsible for bank accounts, book keeping & returns, all financial records, staff wages and bill payments
  • Grow revenue through add on services such as tours, merchandise etc
  • Recruit the right people to support your projects
  • Manage the team and set and monitor objectives as part of the performance reviews
  • Ensure your assets are managed and looked after e.g. Vehicles, Computers
  • Ensure African Impact is functioning legally and in-line with labour department’s requirements.
  • Monthly updates with the manager in the form of a structured report and SKYPE discussions plus weekly catch ups


Our Foundation

You will need to:

  • Be responsible for project development and sustainability in association with the Development Manager from our Foundation
  • Work in partnership with our Foundation to ensure targets are set and met/exceeded to ensure our focal projects are successful
  • Track donations from donors, the expenditure of those donations and provide monthly reports to our African Impact Foundation
  • Report progress of focal projects by completing a quarterly report for our African Impact Foundation
  • Manage and develop our African Impact Foundation Internship and manage staff and interns to ensure the Foundation’s objectives are met

Required Experience and Skills

  • Able to communicate at all levels
  • Ability to manage people and get the best out of them
  • Able to identify opportunities to grow our business and develop projects
  • Financial budgeting and tracking skills
  • Some volunteering experience or worked in a culturally sensitive environment
  • Organised and able to multi task
  • Work to tight deadlines under pressure
  • Passion for community development and/or conservation


Hard skills

Must have a full, valid driving license

Must hold a University Qualification (necessary for visa/work permit applications)


Package inclusions:

We offer a stipend, accommodation and food, medical insurance (capped) and also cover the cost of your visa application. Your flights are at your own expense.

How To Apply

Please email Jennifer Hughes jen@africanimpact.com with your CV and cover letter detailing why you think you are right for the job.  We are sorry that we cannot respond to all applicants.

Teaching & Community Support Coordinator

Jambiani, Zanzibar

We are looking for an enthusiastic team player, passionate about sustainable volunteer travel and community engagement.

The Teaching and Community Support Project Coordinator will have strong interpersonal and organizational skills and have a proactive nature to be an essential member of the Teaching Project team.

They will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the project and actively seek to manage volunteers and ensure positive development and sustainability of the project.  This role requires someone who can set a positive example for all volunteers, with particular emphasis on community awareness and engagement.

Roles and responsibilities:

Project Coordination:

  • Lead the day-to-day running of the project with the other project and community coordinators
  • Leading volunteer preparation for lessons
  • Ensure the quality of teaching and lesson preparation is consistent and maintains a high standard at all times
  • Constant communication to the team about any issues or project challenges
  • Working to actively create a positive team environment
  • Identify areas of project development and work with the team to ensure sustainability of the project
  • Ensure rationale behind all project-related decisions is understood by everyone involved


Volunteer Leadership:

  • Facilitate volunteer orientation and participation in the project
  • Effectively communicate goals and reasoning behind cultural guidelines to volunteers
  • Ensuring volunteers know: when/where/what they are doing and adhere to schedule – punctuality, project goals
  • Answering volunteer questions and resolving issues
  • Create a positive volunteer atmosphere – present, enthusiastic and engaged
  • Organizing daily/weekly schedule for all volunteers
  • Ensuring volunteers adhere to project rules
  • Effectively manage and support volunteers who require more attention


Community Engagement:

  • Maintain positive relationships with local staff, students, teachers and community members
  • Support and guide all local project members of staff to reach their goals and potential
  • Develop an understanding of the culture within the local community
  • Spend time in the community building relationships and assist volunteers transitioning into life in Jambiani
  • Be a champion of our cultural guidelines to upkeep African Impact’s reputation with the community
  • Respond quickly and directly to community needs – implement projects to support their requirements


Administration and Correspondence

  • Contribute to the running of social media
  • Contribute to the weekly production of weekly project reports
  • Organize local meal with nursery teachers directly
  • Collating weekly, monthly and quarterly teaching project statistics
  • Organize volunteers’ verbal and online feedback surveys before their departure
  • Create reports to effectively communicate specific projects developments to distribute across African Impact


African Impact Foundation:

  • Coordinate in house weekly fundraisers
  • Assist the team in creating and delivering monthly fundraisers
  • Deliver presentations about our Foundation and run our merchandise shop

Required Experience and Skills

  • Previous volunteer experience with African Impact preferred
  • A team player who’s interested in people, coaching and supporting volunteers
  • The ability to respect and work with different cultures
  • A passion to work on community-based initiatives with a focus on empowering learners
  • Self-motivated, flexible, independent, adaptable
  • You definitely love socializing with different types of people and mixed ages
  • A positive attitude, reliable and hard-working
  • Passionate about African Impact and sustainable development
  • A role model for volunteers and staff, representing the professionalism of African Impact at all times in both professional and personal conduct



Package inclusions:


3 meals per day



Flights and medical insurance will be covered by yourself.

How To Apply

Please email Lisa at lisa@africanimpact.com and Tess at tess@africanimpact.com with your CV and cover letter detailing why you think you are right for the job. We are sorry that we cannot respond to all applicants.