At African Impact we value our passionate and most dedicated volunteers, which is why many of them have been offered an opportunity to extend their stay and make a further impact on project!

Select volunteers, who have proven their levels of drive, commitment, and who can be role models for others and show a high level of responsibility may be invited to join our project team as a Volunteer Coordinator. In this role you’ll gain some fantastic experience and develop your skills, while we cover your board and lodging costs!

What Can I Expect To Do?

As a volunteer coordinator you will be responsible for supporting the volunteers at the projects by making sure they make the most of their time and are equipped with the knowledge of what to do and why they’re doing it. You’ll also be involved in creating a fun and lively environment for volunteers on the ground.

How Do I Apply?

If you’re interested in joining The Academy and getting a a chance to join our enthusiastic and dynamic team on an African Impact project, please inform your Destination Manager when you book your trip.

A placement might be available directly after you have volunteered or at a later time altogether.

A place in the Academy is completely down to the discretion of the Manager of the projects and is only run at the following locations:

  •        Cape Town, Kruger and St Lucia, South Africa
  •        Livingstone, Zambia
  •        Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  •        Antelope Park, Zimbabwe
  •        Kenya
  •        Zanzibar, Tanzania
  •        Moshi, Kilimanjaro
  •        Chimfunshi, Zambia

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid a salary?

No, joining the Academy is on a voluntary basis and therefore unsalaried.


What costs are covered?

African Impact will cover the cost of your accommodation, project transport and meals.


What costs are NOT covered?
  • Any changes to your travel plans (e.g. changing your departure flights)
  • Extensions to your visa
  • Trips and tours (unless you are part of the support team on a trip)
  • General living expenses (e.g. toiletries, drinks, meals out)
  • Any other optional extra activities


When will I know if there is a place available?

During your stay your Project Manager will discuss with you the possibility of joining the Academy either straight after your stay or to return at a later date. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee there will be a place.


How long can I stay on for?

This will be dependent on availability, visa restrictions etc. A typical stay in The Academy will be from 1 to 3 months.


Will there be other people in the Academy?

It is unlikely there will be an opportunity to have more than one person in the Academy at any one location, but don’t worry, you won’t be working all alone; you’ll be fully integrated into our project team on the ground and become a member of staff.


Where will I stay?

You will stay in the volunteer accommodation and may share a room with other volunteers, staff or interns.


How old do I need to be?

Although there is no age limit for the AI Academy, a successful candidate would be able to confidently interact and relate to other volunteers of all ages, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. A level of maturity and responsibility is also required.