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Wildlife Photography Project Blog, South Africa

Wildlife Photography Volunteers SA: Top 8 Photographers from April

Each month our Wildlife Photography and Conservation volunteers in South Africa submit their photographs for our monthly selection. Chosen by our professional photographer who leads the program, here are April's top 8 shots!

Photographer’s comment: 

This April’s group of 8 photographers provided a very varied selection, ranging from the traditional to the abstract. Note the range in subject – many come to photograph the ‘Big 5’ in the Greater Kruger area, but end up seeing so much more!

Charlotte Lambrecht

charlottelambrecht Spider

Chris Denham

Chris_Denham Lion In The Dark, background, awesome

Nathalie Kremers

Nathalie_Kremers. Black Bird

Ester Sprik

Ester.Sprik Butterfly

Richard Denham

Richard_Denham, Leopard

Pietro Baroni

Pietro Baroni Gecko tail

Tom De Boeck

ElenaSarti Antelope

Elena Sarti

TomDeBoeck, Deer running