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Greater Kruger Area, South Africa
Hoedspruit Airport
Impact: Animal Care
Join our rescue and release team at a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa where we care for rescued, injured, and lost wildlife. A growing ...


Garden Route, South Africa
Cape Town International Airport
Impact: Animal Care
Get hands-on, incomparable experience in all facets of wildlife capture and wildlife veterinary procedures in beautiful South Africa. If you wish to l ...

Whether you want to be a wildlife volunteer, veterinary assistant, or an animal shelter volunteer, Africa is the best place in the world to travel to if you’re interested in volunteering with animals.

Whether you volunteer at a rescue and release wildlife rehabilitation centre in the legendary Greater Kruger Area, offer support to abandoned animals at city shelters, or gain hands-on experience in veterinary procedures at a game reserve on the Garden Route, your work will significantly impact the lives of vulnerable animals by giving them a second chance at a better life.

How Can You Help as a Wildlife Volunteer in Africa?

As the world’s population increases, development expands, and the climate changes, animals are forced to move closer to populated areas because their habitats are disappearing.

This is causing a new wave of conflict between humans and animals that jeopardizes wildlife conservation efforts as most animals find themselves on the losing end of these encounters.

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the main threats to the continued survival of many African species

As a wildlife volunteer, you will directly contribute towards wildlife conservation and the protection of threatened animals.

What to Expect as a Wildlife Volunteer in Africa?

Volunteering with animals, in general, is a heartwarming experience, but doing it in Africa, with beautiful untamed landscapes all around you and endless opportunities for wildlife encounters, is something else entirely.

As a wildlife volunteer, you will immerse yourself in the wild rhythm of Africa while contributing to meaningful volunteer work and developing a deeper understanding of animal care and conservation.

Some of the ways you may get involved include:

  • Gaining theoretical and practical knowledge on all aspects of wildlife capture and medicine
  • Taking a hands-on role in caring for injured or vulnerable animals
  • Helping to rehabilitate animals so they can be released into the wild
  • Volunteering with animals at the rehabilitation centre to gain a deeper understanding of veterinary care


Types of Animal Volunteer Opportunities

We have two carefully curated animal volunteer opportunities in Africa:

Our animal care volunteer programs are carefully designed so you can get up close to some of Africa’s most beloved animals and experience the unique beauty of South Africa’s wildlife hotspots.

Where Can You Volunteer with Animals in Africa?

The Greater Kruger Area is an area that stretches across 5.5 million acres of unfenced wilderness in the northeast region of South Africa. It is one of the world’s last remaining wildlife strongholds where animals roam freely. Our Rescue and Release Project is located on the edge of this magnificent area.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the salty spray of the ocean, our Wildlife Veterinary Assistance program is set against the sublime backdrop of mountains and forests on the famed Garden Route in South Africa. The Garden Route is known for its beautiful surroundings and untouched landscapes.