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African Impact offers a wide range of curated internship and service learning opportunities to groups, universities, faculty members and individuals. Participants gain contextual knowledge and apply theoretical and practical skills through experiential learning, all while creating impactful and meaningful outputs in African communities and wildlife initiatives.

Our students and professionals embrace challenging subjects and environments, helping to foster international exchange, sustainable development and global citizenship.

Why is Studying Abroad with African Impact Different?

  • We value quality above quantity – for both communities and participants. Every project is thoroughly analyzed to ensure its long-term viability
  • Every project has community stakeholders. We won’t run a project unless the community not only wants us there but actually has ownership in the project
  • We strive to maximize the impact of our participants by embracing diversity and nurturing a culture of mutual respect and understanding
  • African Impact has been pushing the boundaries of international volunteering and service for over a decade. No one knows Africa like we do
  • We’re constantly reviewing and improving. Projects and experiences can always get better and we work closely with communities and participants to stretch the boundaries of Service Learning, Volunteering and Study Abroad
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Research Fellowships in Africa


Duration4 - 24 weeks


Undertake your research fellowship on any of the 6 causes we focus on: Education, Conservation, Gender Empowerment, Eradication of Poverty, Health and Nutrition and Global Citizenship.

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Faculty-Led Gender Equality Programs


Duration3 Weeks

ImpactGender Equality

From either South Africa, Zambia, or Tanzania, this 3-week program explores the issues surrounding gender equality in an African context.

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