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Social Entrepreneurship Maymester Summer Course, South Africa

Cape Town is not only an iconic city, but it is home to Africa’s oldest start-up incubator and the fastest growing economy in South Africa. Having a reputation as the best run city in South Africa, this is an excellent place to experience social entrepreneurship in an emerging market, and specifically in an African context. One of the biggest challenges to face the country is the continued effort to transition from a history defined by segregation and to address the poverty level amidst limited government and public services as nearly 40% of the population lives well below the poverty line in informal settlements. Fortunately, and most impressively, this challenge has become an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to provide innovative solutions to address social and economic growth.

This four-week course explores theoretical assessment models on how individuals and communities cope with the many challenges the ongoing processes of globalization provokes; methods for analyzing and evaluating the sustainability and profitability of social impact initiatives; and the development of workable business plans in an African context.


  • Acquiring greater understanding and appreciation for development issues in South Africa as it relates to its domestic and international market
  • Stretching your knowledge and lived experience of Social Entrepreneurship within context
  • Participate in a project which will impact your chosen local social enterprise
  • Understanding how to use business skills and market knowledge to create social solutions
  • Researching community needs, financial impact, and other relevant areas to analyze a business model
  • Benefiting from an internationally acclaimed academic lead
  • Gaining an intimate understanding of the relationship between business and social development in context
  • Developing a tailored business plan for a local social enterprise
  • Enjoying a variety of activities in your free time – many of which have positive social impacts
  • Live and work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town

About the Destination

South Africa’s world-famous city of Cape Town is a buzzing metropolis; alive and diverse. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is set picturesquely between soaring mountains and the sparkling ocean. While the city is chic and modern, a few kilometers away, a different way of life prevails. The townships on the outskirts of Cape Town however provide a stark contrast. Almost 40% of the city’s inhabitants live well below the poverty line in sprawling informal settlements. Housing is largely improvised; with structures made from sheets of corrugated iron.

Here, without access to running water or electricity, and little in the way of community infrastructure such as schools and transport, life is hard. Health and hygiene problems are widespread, education is poor and many people turn to crime. Despite this, Cape Town is an entrepreneurs’ dream; keen interest, a fast growing middle class, a new market and a liberal approach to the market. With the backdrop of exceptional natural beauty, rich culture and home to many a world leader, Cape Town is a perfect destination for the study of social entrepreneurship as an alternative to other business strategies.

Participants on this 4-week summer course will live in a home away from home in areas we have personally selected to ensure your safety and in a central bohemian location in Cape Town. From here, you can, for instance, venture to the top of Table Mountain in your free time, go paragliding, take to the ocean by kayak, hang out on some of the many beaches, sip wine at stunning vineyards, head out on safari, enjoy some Africa’s finest restaurants and even take to the skies on a helicopter flight over the city.

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