Maasai Tribe Empowerment – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Gain insight into the lives of one of Africa’s most iconic tribes – the Maasai warriors in Tanzania. By visiting a traditional Maasai village and experiencing how they live, you will learn all about their unique culture and traditions while supporting members of the tribe through literacy and English tuition. Explore the vibrant surroundings in the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, where your volunteer home-away-from-home is based.


  • Experience the authentic Maasai way of life, with a visit to a rural Maasai village in the heart of the Kilimanjaro region
  • Help Maasai adults learn how to read and write
  • Get involved in our award-winning Maasai Literacy Program, enabling young Maasai “warriors” to have a greater opportunity to gain permanent employment
  • Wake up to the view of Mount Kilimanjaro every morning and spend your weekends exploring the area, or going on breath-taking safaris to spot Africa’s famous wildlife
  • Have the experience of a lifetime living with fellow volunteers from all over the world

Volunteer Reviews

“It is quite difficult to capture in words just how special my month volunteering with African Impact in Moshi was. An organization who went at their work not with sympathy and a coin purse, but impassioned understanding, respect, and a belief in education. The point is, tangible change can often be hard to come by, but this organization equipped me with the tools to do just that. I would highly recommend teaching in Moshi with African Impact, if not for the life altering, preconception eradicating, breathtaking beyond words experience, then at least for the tasty breakfast bananas.” Thomas Reid, USA


“Best experience of my life .This project is extremely well organised by the African Impact staff who make you feel safe and supported throughout your whole volunteer experience. One of the nicest aspects of this project is that the work you do is very respected and appreciated so the community welcomes you with open arms allowing you to make lots of new friends with your students and other people you work with on the project. Basically, it’s a beautifully inspiring project and I wish I could go back!” Chelsea Edwards, UK

Dates & Rates

Prices include:
  • All airport collection and returns. An African Impact team member will be waiting to meet you
  • All accommodation and food, including 3 meals a day
  • 24 hour support on every project and at the volunteer accommodation by onsite staff
  • Tea, coffee and filtered water
Prices exclude:
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Flights to your chosen destination
  • Weekend trips and other non-project activities
  • Alcohol. Please note this is not allowed during day time activities
  • Laundry
How your volunteer fee is used:

Volunteer tourism, or ‘voluntourism’ as it is popularly known, is loosely defined as a holiday in which you give back to the land you are visiting; contributing to either community development or conservation. But it’s so much more than that. Voluntourism encompasses a new trend of responsible tourism, where travelers are making informed and responsible choices and planning trips which don’t negatively affect the country or communities they are visiting. When volunteering, it is critical that travelers choose a volunteer organisation or charity with a proven ethos and philosophy around sustainable and responsible tourism practices. This applies both to their work with local communities, wildlife and our volunteers themselves.

African Impact is proud to have a 10 year track record of facilitating responsible volunteer programs in Africa, providing 24 hour support and guidance for volunteers and offering on-going support to communities in need. Understandably, these operations cost money to run and this is where the volunteer fee comes in.

About the Destination

Mt Kilimanjaro is one of the most iconic attractions in the whole of Africa, the Continent’s highest peak. Nestling at its base is the busy tourist town of Moshi; a bustling network of food markets and restaurants, where one can’t escape the ‘catchy’ Swahili music of the locals… and don’t forget the goats who will regularly stop the traffic!

As well as being in awe of the different colors, smells and sounds in Moshi, you can’t help but notice the incredible variety of cultures and specifically that of the Maasai people, colorfully dressed in their traditional ‘Warrior’ clothing and brandishing some of the most impressive jewelry.

The Maasai are gentle people who live very traditional lives. You will get the life-changing opportunity to spend time with these tribes, dancing, drumming, tasting their food and begin to understand the vibrant culture of these unique people.

Living just a short drive away from Moshi, you will spend your time volunteering in the rural village of Mdawi, in an exclusive fully furnished volunteer house with plenty of outdoor space to enjoy nights spent under the stars (and trust me, you’ve never seen so many!) and opportunities for you to interact with and bond with the local villagers.

As well as hosting some of the friendliest and welcoming people in Africa, you can’t come to Tanzania and not experience its other locals… the wildlife. With monkeys in the trees and lizards sunning themselves on the rocks in your garden, living here is a perfect balance between integrating with the Tanzanians and enjoying the spectacular nature this unforgettable country offers. Why not catch the Great Wildebeest Migration at the world-famous Serengeti Park? Or see herd after herd of wild elephants from a hot air balloon drifting along the plains?

If it’s even greater adventures you’re after, how about trekking up Kilimanjaro? We can assure you after volunteering in its awesome shadow it will definitely be on your mind!

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