ALERT Conservation Internships

The African Lion and Environmental Research Trust runs projects in both Zambia and Zimbabwe and offer interns the opportunity to make a lasting difference by participating in a number of exciting conservation internships.

African Impact is proud to work closely with our charity partners at (ALERT), who are at the forefront of an innovative world-first lion release program that hopes to halt the decline of the magnificent African Lion in the wild.

The internships are based in Zimbabwe and Zambia and are tailored to make best use of the skills and interests of our dedicated interns.

Specific internships include:

Wildlife Conservation Research Internship

Wildlife Videography and Photography Internship

Conservation Education Internship

Marketing and Fundraising Internship

Project Management Internship

Research in the Community Internship

Animal Management Internship

Equine Management Internship

Teaching in Africa Internship


Our expert Destination Managers will be able to assist you in finding your perfect fit once you have applied.

Volunteer Reviews

“At 39 years old I decided to challenge myself and apply for an internship with ALERT. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I spent 6 months working alongside the ALERT and Lion Encounter team on fundraising, animal research, marketing initiatives, and volunteer management. It was extremely rewarding from both a professional and personal level.

I have learned so much from the experience: building relationships with local people, the challenge of creating new ideas for a non-profit organization, working closely with the volunteers and of course the beautiful animals I was able to gain so much knowledge about.

By working in the fundraising and marketing areas, I was also able to get a bigger picture of the overall organization and everything it takes to have this program running. And of course, I got to live in the African bush – much different to city life.” Vicky Lalumiere

“The highlight of my internship was how wonderful my students were at the ALERT Education Centre. You could easily see that these students were there for the right reasons; that they wanted to learn about the environment and were genuinely excited about what they were going to learn about. Saying goodbye to my students was so difficult! Another highlight of mine was getting to know the street children.

I truly felt when I was leaving that I had made an impact on their lives and they most certainly made an impact on mine, as I was saying goodbye and crying. I have gained lifelong friendships, as well as the skills and knowledge that could only be gained from such an experience. I will take this experience with me everywhere I go.” Jenna Ackles

Dates & Rates

About the Destination

Regardless of your placement location in Zimbabwe or Zambia, you will be awed daily by your magnificent surroundings, enchanting wildlife and many new adventures and discoveries. You will be surrounded by beautiful woodland and grassland with plenty of birds, and animals including giraffe, zebra, elephant, warthog, eland, buffalo, impala and other antelope.

Your work days will be long, but living your passion and enhancing your skills while contributing to the conservation of the ‘king of the jungle’ will make it all worthwhile. You will experience Africa as few visitors ever do and make some life-long friends along the way. During your African internship you will stay in shared accommodation with fellow interns or volunteers.

Our volunteer and intern accommodation is comfortable with all the luxuries of home. There will be plenty of place for you to relax with a good book, socialize or just sit outside and enjoy nature.

You will be provided with three full meals per day prepared by one of the on-site cooks. For as long as you want to stay, we will make sure Africa feels like your new home!

Throughout your stay, you will shadow and assist ALERT’s Research Technicians in all aspects of their work, which could include:

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Wildlife Conservation Research Internship Brochure
Wildlife Videography and Photography Internship Brochure
Conservation Education Internship Brochure
Fundraising and Marketing Internship Brochure
Project Management Internship Brochure
Research in the Community Internship Brochure
Animal Management Internship Brochure
Equine Management Internship Brochure
Teaching in Africa Internship Brochure

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