Wildlife Photography

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Photography has the incredible ability to enhance a place, or emphasis a cause. Our photography volunteers are at the forefront of some of Africa’s most exquisite wildlife, capturing their amazing movements and beauty through the lens ,while significantly contributing towards community and conservation efforts, stressing their importance.

Apply your skills and gain invaluable experience, while working alongside our fantastic professions, who are ready to impart their extensive knowledge and expertise, to ensure you maximise your impact and experience behind the lens.

Volunteers will participate in exciting game drives and close encounters with wildlife, capturing those precious moments, while witnessing these incredible animals in their nature environments. From observing our lions, stalking their prey and explore their natural instincts, to strolling in the African Bush, with our magnificent elephants.

Become fully memorised by the iconic African scenery, while capturing its beauty for conservation and community purposes. All photography will be available for charities and NGO’s worldwide to promote and raise awareness for conservation. Volunteers contribute significantly towards supporting the community, as photographs provide income for communities and also resources for conservation. Share your passion for photography, while ultimately working towards a greater good.

Interact and engage with all that Africa has to offer, through the lens. Check out our Wildlife Photography Projects below!

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FROM US$ 6425

Wildlife Photography Internship

LocationSouth Africa

Duration8 - 12 weeks


Gain experience alongside a professional photographer and other budding photographers on this Wildlife Photography Internship in the Greater Kruger Area.

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