Sports Coaching Volunteering

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Sports has the incredible power to bring people together. Not only does it have an amazing impact on the kids, but the whole community thrives and comes together as a result. Sport also develops important key skills, which help the children thrive in all sorts of ways. It encourages team work and communication, along side developing physical skills. But more importantly, sport is essential for giving children the chance to discover a passion and to become fully engaged and captivated in what they do, preventing them from participating in substance abuse and crime associated with rural neighbourhoods.

However, opportunities for sport within these areas are limited or non-existent.
Physical education has been removed from South African education curriculum, limiting children’s opportunities in impoverished rural and township schools.

  • 40% of children and youths are receiving no form of sports or physical activity each week.
  • This leads to serious problem, not only socially but also for children’s physical health.

  • In 2016, 30% of adolescent girls and nearly 10% of boys were classed as overweight.
  • Volunteers will get involved in local schools, who otherwise do not have the resources to carry out sports and physical activity. Volunteers will inspire the children, providing essential knowledge and skill to allow these kids to engage in sport. They will further extent their impact be taking part in tackling the education crisis but getting involved in English education.

    Why we support sport coaching volunteering?

    The impact of sport on a Childs life and the presence of sport within a community is invaluable, as provides a wave of opportunity in so many different ways. Sport also is critical as a way of contributing towards tackling the larger issues, such as HIV. Children between the ages of 10-14 years have the lowest risk of becoming HIV positive, therefore if we can educate against the dangers and encourage these children to become involved and passionate for something positive, we can start to halt the spread of this epidemic. Education is the best defence again these serious issues.

    Make your impact , provide these kids with an opportunity they would not otherwise have and inspire them through your passion.

    Check out our Sport Coaching programs below!

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    Sports Coaching & Development, Cape Town South Africa

    Provide much-needed sports coaching to children in Cape Town’s townships, helping them development important team work and communication skills. As a volunteer, you’ll help teach physical education sessions and coach children in various sports alongside a local NGO.

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    FROM £ 845 | US$ 1372

    University Group Volunteering

    Let us put together a unique, once in a lifetime volunteer adventure for your University group, which will see you learning, exploring and giving back to local communities and conservation efforts in Africa.

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    FROM Bespoke Itinerary