Sports Coaching Volunteering

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Sports and physical education are proven to have an amazing positive effect on the development of not only kids, but everyone in the community. Volunteers who join these programs get to use their love of sports and the outdoors to create training programs and games for underprivileged children in rural communities and townships.

You will mostly attend local schools where they don’t otherwise have access to sports resources like balls, bats and toys and bring African Impact’s resource stock to each location to have a bit of fun. As a sports coaching volunteer you may also be involved in classroom activities and English education; you may even need to dust off those rusty maths skills!

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Sports Coaching & Development, Cape Town South Africa

Provide much-needed sports coaching to children in Cape Town’s townships, helping them development important team work and communication skills. As a volunteer, you’ll help teach physical education sessions and coach children in various sports alongside a local NGO.

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FROM £ 845 | US$ 1372

University Group Volunteering

Let us put together a unique, once in a lifetime volunteer adventure for your University group, which will see you learning, exploring and giving back to local communities and conservation efforts in Africa.

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