Healthcare & Social Work Internships

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Cape Town is a vibrant and exciting city, with incredible and simply breath taking sites to experience, within a dynamic culture. Nevertheless, it is also a city which is riddled with huge radical inequality and pre-existing divisions between the richest in the society and the poorest, dating back to the apartheid. We want to combat this, by providing opportunity and prosperity to those who otherwise would not have. As part of our Social Work Internship, you will be exposed to and experience grass root level, particular field work within vulnerable children in Cape Town. Interns will experience how the culture of South Africa can effect social impacts, and the severe social issues many children face:

  • Drug Abuse
  • Living with HIV and the health disadvantages
  • Early teenage pregnancy

Our Interns will gain extremely useful and valuable experience into emergency foster care, while providing professional support for these children. They will develop measures for childhood development within a global context, providing these vulnerable children with a sense of security.

  • 60% of children take into the home are HIV+

    Interns lay vital building blocks to ensure a vulnerable Childs future can be safer and more secure. Interns will get hands on with:

  • Aiding development of gross motor skills and guide development activities
  • Creating actions plans to benefit the children in care
  • Ease the communication between homes and social workers, to ensure that the child in question is fully at the forefront of importance
  • In order to enhance our Interns experience and to ensure that they can contribute fully and effectually,

    Interns are provided with a whole team of support.

  • Social Worker: Interns will shadow and gain vital experience from their assigned social worker
  • Professional Development Coach: Who oversee Interns to ensure that they are getting the most intrinsic worth out of their experience
  • Academic Trainer: Who monitor and evaluate the extent of an Interns impact, putting tools in place to ensure it can be fully maximised
  • Not only do Interns gain incredible experience, they also expose to critical thinking and an eye opening experience, with the potential to change their perspective and make a significant impact.Alternatively, Interns with previous medical experience can get hands on with tackling the healthcare crisis, and combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our healthcare and medical Interns will be immersed into their placement clinic, while shadowing a professional, learning about social and community movements in local healthcare.

    Placements range from:

  • Mother2Mother: Working to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child through an effective model of care
  • kamura Labantu: Providing health care interventions at primary level through education and skills development within South Africa’s most disadvantaged communities
  • Imizamo Yethu Community Health Clinic: A vibrant clinic, where Interns will work as an assistant to a healthcare professional, gaining exceptional experience
  • Gain vital experience, while contributing towards a greater cause. Check out our Social Work Internships below!
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Public Health Internship, Zambia


Duration4 weeks


This is a 4-week global health program that takes place in the town of Livingstone, Zambia, designed to improve access to, and quality of, healthcare.

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