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Take advantage of the opportunity to join our teams in the field and undertake African research fellowships on any of the six causes we focus on: Education, Conservation, Gender Empowerment, Eradication of Poverty, Health and Nutrition and Global Citizenship.

Our African research fellowships have a strong focus on the professional development of the researcher, who will receive specialized support in the field, including training and opportunities for guided reflection. African Impact also make sure you get all the acceding support you need for your African research fellowship with support from our academic team as well as local faculty members and connected universities.

Globally, there is an increasing demand for African research fellowships in public policy, social development, the arts, education, and other non-profit fields, and conducting such research in environments where frameworks can be developed and theories applied with outputs in real time. African Impact has identified a number of locations within our projects where in-depth research and analysis of a particular area can successfully be undertaken, with the support of our experts on the ground.

Students or graduates seeking to undertake specific research can approach African Impact with a proposal. If the proposal is accepted, after an interview, our teams will provide applicants with letters of endorsement to assist them in their funding applications.

Our African research fellowships are structured to provide significant work experience and a broad curriculum of skills development, including leadership, community engagement and organizing, grant writing and project management. Fellows are given the opportunity to take on a great deal of responsibility – a vital component in experiential learning, while at the same time being able to work closely with our experts and gain extensive knowledge.

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