NGO & Charity Internships

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In order to fully maximise your impact and time abroad, we partner with reputable and established NGO and charity organizations to offer the ideal length of time for interns to fully embrace their destinations and projects, while also provide a vase range of internships in a number of different fields. From NGO management, to community development, Interns will be immerse in contributing towards a greater good, with the increased length of time and responsible of that of a volunteer.

Our Interns should be dedicated to improvement and passionate for making a positive impact, while encouraging communities to flourish. Alongside this, interns will gain indispensable experience within the frame work of international development, while specialising in particular areas within their chosen projects.

While becoming exposed to international development issues, interns will be fully hands on in contributing towards the steps to eliminate these critical issues:

  • Lack of health resources: Our Interns will provide support in vital medical assistance, while also providing key education on healthcare
  • Education: The most impactful way we can make a positive difference is through the power of education. We can make significant process in addressing issues such as social isolation, high rates of gender related violence and sustainable living
  • Empowerment: Helping the vulnerable population gain a sense of self-confidence and self worth, empowering them to flourish and achieve great things

Interns will be fully supported by Personal Development coaches and Academic Trainers to help maximise their impact and their experience. They are fully involved with the management of the charity’s projects within their destination, therefore truly free to make their impact and aid positive development.

If you are dedicated to making a difference, while ready to take a hands on role in promoting our initiatives, check out our NGO Internships below!

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