Medical & Healthcare Volunteering

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Underprivileged people in many places in Africa don’t have access to the medical facilities and treatments many of us take for granted. Our medical and healthcare volunteers do essential work in the local communities where they assist in clinics, do home visits and are involved in healthcare education projects. Our medical volunteers make a positive change to 100s of lives every year!
The HIV/AIDS epidemic has had a very negative effect on the economies, people and families of many African nations and its effects continue to spread. African Impact volunteers assist our project teams by going into rural communities and facilitating HIV/AIDS education and awareness classes with teenagers and adults. Volunteers may also be involved in helping care for children who have lost one or both parents, through educational games and other fun activities.

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Hospital and Clinic Medical Support, Kenya

Offer an extra pair of hands as a volunteer in Kenya, where medical facilities are faced with numerous challenges. Working alongside health professionals, you will provide assistance in hospitals and clinics, as well as offering healthcare advice in schools and orphanages.

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FROM £ 972 | US$ 1557

Rural Medical & HIV/AIDS Awareness, Zululand

Offer vital medical and healthcare assistance in a rural Zulu village of South Africa. With one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the country and a lack of resources and skilled medical staff nearby, this area is in desperate need of dedicated volunteers.

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FROM £ 839 | US$ 1374

Community Healthcare Project, Antelope Park

Make an impact at medical clinics in Zimbabwe that have been severely affected by the current economic situation, and suffer from a shortage of healthcare staff and supplies. Touch the lives of many whilst gaining valuable medical experience.

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FROM £ 939 | US$ 1524

University Group Volunteering

Let us put together a unique, once in a lifetime volunteer adventure for your University group, which will see you learning, exploring and giving back to local communities and conservation efforts in Africa.

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