Marine Conservation Volunteering

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Marine ecosystems the world over are massively under threat due to humankind’s unsustainable interference. Overfishing, unregulated tourist activities and the destruction of coral reefs are among some of the main issues facing our waters.
Volunteers on our marine focussed volunteer projects will assist with research, monitoring and conservation activities to help protect threatened marine areas and sea life. Our dolphin and marine conservation project in Zanzibar gives you the chance to soak up the tropical island sunshine while spending time on the open water to monitor dolphin behaviour to provide data to impact stricter controls in tourist engagement with dolphins.
You’ll also be actively involved in educating local communities on the importance of protecting marine ecosystems and the negative effects of overfishing.

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Dolphin Research & Marine Conservation, Zanzibar

Travel to the tropical island paradise of Zanzibar and assist with researching dolphins in their natural habitat, study the impacts of tourism on dolphin behaviour and discover a new underwater world collecting data on coral reefs.

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FROM £1199 | US$2304

Dolphin Research and PADI Diving Course, Zanzibar

Are you a keen diver with an interest in marine conservation? Or, perhaps you’d like to learn to scuba dive while volunteering to preserve and do research on dolphins in their natural environment? Join us on the tropical island of Zanzibar!

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FROM £1199 | US$2304