Marine Conservation Volunteering

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Our Marine ecosystems are under serious threat, due to mankind’s impact. We need to control the damage and destruction before it spirals out of control. The impact of tourism is very damaging, overfishing and tourist activities directly contribute to the destination of coral reefs and pose serious threats to our waters.

  • It has been estimated that 10% of the world’s coral reefs are now dead
  • It has been estimated that 60% of the world’s coral reefs are now under threat
  • The main threats to our marine ecosystem are:

  • Overfishing
  • Acidification
  • Pollution
  • Volunteers will be fully immersed into sea life. From assisting in important research to ensure the safety and tranquility of the dolphins, to collecting vital data to enforce stricter control and regulations for when tourists engage with dolphins. Volunteers will play a vital part in contributing towards sustaining dolphins in safe and ethical ways for tourism purpose, due to the important economical value dolphin tourism generates. Daily underwater diving and snorkelling allows volunteers to fully embrace and explore their surroundings.
    Alternatively, volunteers can get hands on and help protect one of the ocean’s greatest predators from slaughter by volunteering with our Great White Sharks in South Africa. As adventure begins at the edge of your conform zone, volunteers will have the opportunity to get up close with these sharks (from the conform of a cage!) Over 100 million sharks a year are slaughter.

    To make the most out of your volunteering experience, volunteers can take the time to participate in the PADI advance and PADI Coral reef, Research Diver courses, for maximal opportunity.

    To maximise our impact, volunteers will expand on the good work currently being done, taking our work further out into the community, to educate locals on the importance of protecting the marine ecosystems and the negative impacts which threaten it, while embracing and learning about their vibrant culture.

    Why do we support Marine conservation?

    Our marine ecosystems and coral reefs, provide such natural beauty and vibrant life, adding another dimension to what vibrant Africa has to offer. The life within our oceans is magical, but these species are at risk and must be protected. The impact of tourism must be revised and controlled to allow for the economy to thrive, while also keeping the waters safe.

    Make a lasting impact and help protect and maintain our fragile marine ecosystems.

    Check out our Marine Conservation Projects below!

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    Dolphin Research & Marine Conservation, Zanzibar

    Travel to the tropical island paradise of Zanzibar and assist with researching dolphins in their natural habitat, study the impacts of tourism on dolphin behaviour and discover a new underwater world collecting data on coral reefs.

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    FROM £1199 | US$2304

    Dolphin Research and PADI Diving Course, Zanzibar

    Are you a keen diver with an interest in marine conservation? Or, perhaps you’d like to learn to scuba dive while volunteering to preserve and do research on dolphins in their natural environment? Join us on the tropical island of Zanzibar!

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    FROM £1199 | US$2304