High School Travel Volunteering

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Having an African high school travel opportunity can have huge education and life skills benefits, these benefits are well-documented. Youth travel and experience-focused service learning serves not only as a vehicle for international exchange and understanding, but promotes personal growth, leadership, teamwork and global citizenship.

By exposing students to contrasting environments, cultures and ways of teaching, you expand their ability to learn, navigate obstacles, and develop and apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In an important developmental stage of life, international exchange helps students discover new interests and passions, embrace diversity and develop the self-confidence and networking skills central to being successful in the global age, where those with a balance of academics, life-experience and leadership acumen are the most sought-after.

These elements are central to the careful development of our programs; which begin with preparation and learning in the context of the issue or service at hand, and how it is connected to relevant academic fields, before the action stage. Here, emphasis is on direct collaboration with service beneficiaries who derive a genuine benefit from the service and on the participants having an experience which is personally meaningful, challenges preconceptions and builds specific skills.

The next component; reflection, is the hallmark of good-quality service learning. Structured opportunities for reflection occur throughout trips and can be individual or shared. Guided reflection allows for all aspects of the experience to be further explored and considered in a multitude of contexts including beliefs, understanding and personal, academic and social development.

Our 2-4-week programs for High School aged travelers provide 24/7 support and supervision from our expert teams, quality food and accommodation, guided excursions and field trips to develop an understanding of global issues at an impressionable age. All programs are tailor-made to suit the goals and interests of the school. Bring your school custom made African High school travel trip of a lifetime.

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