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Short-term faculty led programs are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after international study opportunities for students. These faculty led courses, which range from three to six weeks in duration, offer a number of benefits to participants.

Whereas semester and year-long programs are logistically and financially demanding, shorter term programs provide a more accessible opportunity to advance international education.

Students who join faculty led programs generally gain a much broader and deeper appreciation for the foundations of their chosen academia, and as a result, are able to grasp the desired learning outcomes quickly and more comprehensively than in the classroom. Learning outcomes are further cemented through practical application in the field, particularly when combined with challenges that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This experiential education connects and advances theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom, and allows students to further explore over-arching themes in real time, whilst also in a structured and supportive environment with faculty members and our experts in the field. Students’ personal growth, leadership and teamwork abilities, and global citizenship are also nurtured and expanded; returning with a transformed view of the world around them and of themselves and their abilities.

Basing Faculty lead trips  in Africa allows for many more areas of faculty led study than are traditionally catered to, in contextually-relevant locations. In these developing countries, students have opportunities to discover burgeoning conservation and social development, and fascinating anthropological pluralisms, with the unique opportunity to see first-hand how traditional elements survive in modern-day cultures.

Whether the academic focus is photography, gender studies, social work or conservation, our faculty-led programs offer an engaging and valuable experience for both students and faculty members. African Impact is large network and one the ground offices are able to provide some of the best faculty led opportunities Africa has to offer.

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Faculty-Led Gender Equality Program


Duration3 weeks

ImpactGender Equality

Explore gender equality issues in an African context and expand your theoretical knowledge by improving existing structures and implementing strategies.

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