Conservation & Environmental Internships

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Internships with African Impact provide you with a greater length of time, greater responsibility and greater opportunity. Currently wildlife population is rapidly decreasing, therefore our conservation efforts are vital as a means to protect and ensure the presence of magnificent wildlife will always remain across Africa. Get involved in helping us address the main threats to conservation – Human conflict, in the form of poachers and members of the local community with livestock.

How is the Lion Population Decreasing?

  • 1800: 1 Lion per 833 Humans
  • 2015: 1 Lion per 460,000-520,000 Humans

Interns will be hands- on and provided with insightful knowledge into:

  • Animal behavior
  • Research techniques
  • Data Collection
  • Biological Monitoring

Gain valuable practical experience, while ultimately contributing towards conservation efforts.

Be part of the team at ALERT, who are at the forefront of an Innovative world-first release program, with the hope of pausing the decline of the incredible African lion. Interns are fully hands on in all aspects of work. Research and observe the group dynamics, social interactions and territorial behaviour of our Ngamo Pride at Antelope Park, or watch the cubs in their playful element, observing the development of hunting skills and exploring their natural instincts. ALERT internships provide you with vase opportunity. From hands-on Conservation Research, to Conversation Education and Animal Management.

Alternatively, you can gain invaluable experience as an intern for stable management from our experts in authentic African stables. With over 30 horses, you will be fully involved with the day to day runnings of the stables, with incredible opportunities at your fingers. From daily horseback rides, getting up close to breath taking wildlife, to camping under the stars on an overnight horse safari, you will explore the African Bush in the best possible fashion.

  • Assist guides and the stables manager with daily requirements and duties
  • Get involved with carriage rides, horseback safaris, polecrosse and showjumping to maximise your experience!

Our internships will provide you with the best possible skills and experience to further you into a possible career field. Alongside this, your opportunities are endless to expand your experience abroad.

Check out our Conservation and Environmental Internship projects below!

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FROM £ 3247 | US$ 6239

Marine Eco-Tourism Internship, Zanzibar


Duration8 - 12 weeks


Help to create responsible ecotourism practices for wild dolphin swims in Zanzibar, connecting a passion for nature, conservation and entrepreneurship.

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FROM Bespoke Itinerary

University Group Volunteering




Let us put together a unique volunteer adventure for your university group to give back to local communities and conservation efforts.

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