Child & Orphan Care Volunteering

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African Impact’s child and orphan care programs work with community care facilities, pre-schools, support centres and safe houses across Africa to assist at-risk children with lessons, educational games and other fun activities.

We are very well accepted in the communities we support and the local teachers, principals, facility managers and community leaders have wonderful things to say about the volunteers who give their time to help them. Our vulnerable child and orphan care projects have a strong focus on early childhood development, nutrition and learning through play, to ensure these kids are well prepared and ready to enter school.

Our child and orphan care volunteer projects are run in partnership with our charity, The African Impact Foundation, and we follow very strict protocols to ensure our responsible approach. We have a detailed Child Protection Policy which all African Impact staff, volunteers and interns abide by, and any person joining our projects must submit criminal record checks before arrival.

Working with children, particularly in rural Africa, can be an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience; it can be a real eye-opener and often quite harrowing, but you won’t meet friendlier children with bigger smiles anywhere else in the world.

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Orphan Day Care and Community Support, Zululand

Living by the beach and surrounded by Africa’s most magnificent wildlife, volunteers work directly with the chiefs of the village and families living in poverty to support young children and contribute to bigger and brighter futures for them.

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FROM £ 839 | US$ 1,374

Early Childhood Development, Cape Town

Share your passion for education and love of working with children as you work with underprivileged and undeveloped communities in Cape Town, teaching and caring for disadvantaged children and providing youth with better and brighter opportunities for their future.

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FROM £ 787 | € 1021 | US$ 1313 | AU$ 1391

Teaching and Orphanage Support, Kenya

Offer your teaching assistance to vulnerable children in the Limuru community in Kenya, many of whom are orphaned, affected by HIV/AIDS and developmentally challenged. Your extra special care and attention will help promote their development in under-staffed, impoverished schools.

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FROM £ 972 | US$ 1557

High School Group Volunteering

Are you looking for a safe and interactive group volunteering trip to Africa for students at your school? Let us put together a unique, once-in-a-lifetime volunteer adventure for you that is specifically designed for those aged 14-18 years old.

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University Group Volunteering

Let us put together a unique, once in a lifetime volunteer adventure for your University group, which will see you learning, exploring and giving back to local communities and conservation efforts in Africa.

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