Building & Development Volunteering

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The success of initiatives like Habitat for Humanity have seen many volunteers join programs abroad to help build homes and community centres for those less fortunate. Many of our community-focused volunteer projects which are centred around teaching and education contain an element of building work and construction.

We work in partnership with our charity, The Happy Africa Foundation, to restore, renovate and create community buildings in the areas we work in, and volunteer contribution on these projects could include making bricks from cement, painting, roofing and other types of basic construction.

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Desert Elephant Conservation, Namibia

Experience the magnificence of Africa as you help conserve the Damaraland elephant population by alleviating the human-elephant conflict in water-scarce Namibia. Your hard work will be well worth it in an African adventure you will never forget.

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High School Group Volunteering

Are you looking for a safe and interactive group volunteering trip to Africa for students at your school? Let us put together a unique, once-in-a-lifetime volunteer adventure for you that is specifically designed for those aged 14-18 years old.

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University Group Volunteering

Let us put together a unique, once in a lifetime volunteer adventure for your University group, which will see you learning, exploring and giving back to local communities and conservation efforts in Africa.

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