Building & Development

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Make a significant impact by getting involved with developing communities, through the power of construction. Many of our community teaching and education volunteers expand their work by contributing towards basic building and construction. Our building projects provide prospect and opportunity. Combined with our teaching and education programs and our Partnership with our charity, the Happy African Foundation; we are able to impact communities in such positive ways.

Volunteers with be fully hands on in a range of different activities. From brick making in order to create the basic vital structure, to painting the buildings to aesthetic purposes.

Why do we support Building and Development?

We want to expand on the incredible work we already do. Our teaching and education projects are so important and provide such value to communities. By extending our influence to provide safe and secure buildings for communities, we are helping to ensure positive and secure futures for people within those communities through the power of education and vital resources.
Become fully immersed with our fantastic, world first innovation “Built it” project in Livingstone, working to maximise our impact not only on the community, but also the environment. By using plastic bottles and discarded rubbish to create bricks to build vital structures, we can benefit the community in so many ways, firstly to help and support its people, while cleaning and protecting the land as well.
Alternatively, volunteers can get hands on with helping to protect Damaraland elephants, while exploring Africa in all its beauty. By participating in our elephant conservation project in Namibia, you will ultimately be helping to alleviate the current human-elephant conflict.

What is causing this conflict?

  • Battle for Resources
  • Elephants are destroying water points

Our building project aims to build strong walls and structures to provide elephants a safe space, while protecting the community from the impact of elephants. From building structure, to patrols and tracking the elephants, volunteers will be support an initiate to protect not only the community, but also the magnificent African elephant.

Make your impact and get involved with supporting communities by providing vital safe spaces and structures.

Check out our Building and Development projects below!

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