Action Learning

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Service Learning with African Impact is approached as a philosophy, a pedagogy, and a model for responsible and sustainable community development that can be effectively applied as a strategy to achieve specific and material learning goals.

There are multiple benefits to engaging in Service Learning. It provides experiential education that connects personal and interpersonal development with remedial and academic advancement, providing opportunities for personal connections and ultimately, transformation.

Those joining a Service Learning project often encounter certain social challenges for the first time, which expands and transforms their views of the world, and of themselves. By applying knowledge in contrasting environments, with exposure to different cultures and ways of teaching, a student’s ability to learn, navigate obstacles and develop and apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills matures, promoting personal growth, leadership, teamwork and global citizenship.

Our service learning programs abroad provide a structured, supervised environment, with support and set opportunities for reflection. We can achieve both a transformation of students’ scope and understanding as well as the desired learning outcomes.

By its nature, a service learning experience can serve as a catalyst for students to tackle the complexities of the issues they encounter and connect with, seeking out innovative solutions that address human, community and environmental needs.

African Impact’s service learning provides opportunities for groups or individuals to join us, at any of our sites, to receive contextual knowledge and support and to apply academic and practical skills for credit, all while creating impactful and meaningful experiences for the communities.

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