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The Alternative to Peace Corps, Volunteer with African Impact

By November 7, 2014 No Comments

Many people dream of volunteering in Africa, and when they do, the first thing that comes to mind when they’re thinking of volunteering abroad is the Peace Corps.

However, there are other alternatives that offer the experience of a lifetime as well as the flexibility and freedom volunteers need to make a difference on their journey abroad.

A government-funded initiative, the Peace Corps facilitates volunteering abroad for individuals on the basis of a two-year commitment. For some, dedicating this length of time is daunting, and they look no further, despite there being countless other volunteer abroad opportunities available at their disposal.

Volunteer Peace Corps Alternative

If you’ve always wanted to volunteer in the Peace Corps, but find it’s not quite right for you, look no further than volunteering with African Impact! Short-term volunteering and internship programs have countless benefits and provide a great alternative to Peace Corps volunteering.


Peace Corps volunteer placements are set in stone, and although this provides volunteers with a great length of time to immerse themselves in their work, it is restrictive as volunteers must abide by the schedules and framework of the organization. At African Impact, our programs run year-round on-the-ground, allowing for individuals to volunteer in schools as teaching volunteers, contribute to conservation as research volunteers or do charity work in Africa.

Peace Corps Volunteering Alternative

Shorter commitment time

Two years is a long time to spend abroad, and often such a time commitment is impossible for volunteers who have work or study commitments at home. African Impact offers short-term volunteering opportunities that allow volunteers to use their skills and experience to make meaningful change in communities across Africa without dedicating years of their life to living abroad.

Freedom of choice

As a Peace Corps volunteer, the organization chooses a post that you must maintain for the duration of your placement. With African Impact, you have the power to choose how long you want to volunteer in Africa for, in which country and on which project. You can even choose to volunteer on a combo project, or travel between projects and countries for extended volunteer opportunities.

The internship alternative

Getting the best of both worlds is always rewarding – with internship opportunities in Africa with African Impact you can strike a balance between short-term volunteering and volunteering with the Peace Corps. Internships can be three, six or even 12 months in duration and allow for cultural exchange, knowledge sharing and skill building that volunteers don’t have the time to make the most of.


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