Teaching on the Maasai Literacy Programe

Previous volunteer Laura tells us what it is like being a volunteer on the Maasai Tribe Empowerment Program at Kilmanjaro. Although she finds all of her work extremely rewarding, she explains why the Maasai Literacy Program has become her favorite project of all!

Learning to Love The Little Things in Kruger

Where do I even begin? Maybe… Maybe first I’ll begin by introducing myself. Hopefully by now, all of you reading this know that I am a volunteer photographer with African Impact, based on their Wildlife Photography and Conservation Project. But who on earth am I?

Returning to St Lucia as a Volunteer Coordinator

Tiarna joined us on our Orphan Day Care Project in St Lucia, Zululand back in 2015 and has since returned as a Volunteer Coordinator. Responsible for supporting our volunteers on a daily basis during their time with us in South Africa, she now shares what it has been like returning to the projects.

Missing The People of Zambia

Mary joined us on our Medical and Community Development Project in Victoria Falls, Zambia back in January 2016. Here she shares her thoughts on the Zambian people and what she misses about Africa (Please Use The Search Bar To Find This Project)!

Addicted to Africa: A Q&A With Volunteer Jenna

Jenna is a doctor from the UK and an extraordinary African Impact Ambassador, having volunteered with us on 4 separate occasions on 3 different projects! We sat down with her to discuss volunteering and travel in Africa, how it’s changed her life, and how it can change yours!

Part 2: The UN, Global Goals & Gender Empowerment in Moshi, Tanzania

With the departure of Marina, our first Girl Impact volunteer, we welcomed the arrival of Girl Impact volunteer number two Alison. This also marked the return to a wonderful project NAFGEM, a haven for inspiring girls who escaped female genital mutilation. If you missed Part 1 of our article discussing our Girl Impact project in Moshi, Tanzania […]

10 Weeks in Cape Town- How Sports Volunteering Changes Lives

Sports Coaching and Development volunteer Jack, has recently left our project in Cape Town, but not without putting his heart and soul into the amazing amount of work he completed here! In his own words, he tells us a little bit about his 10 week volunteer experience in Cape Town.