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Wildlife Photography Internship



Join a professional wildlife photographer and other budding photographers on this photography internship to gain practical experience in wildlife and other genre-specific photography. This is a unique personal and professional development opportunity in the Greater Kruger Area that sees interns supporting wildlife conservation initiatives through the medium of photography.

This photography internship is ideal for aspiring wildlife photographers


Photography and Editing

Be prepared for early starts and to take your photography skills to the next level.

While your primary focus will be wildlife photography, you will also take photos of landscapes, people, the night sky, and much more. Through your work on this photography internship, you will learn about South Africa’s wildlife, their behavior and habitats in the wild, and its people.

Of course, taking great photographs is only half of the work. You will also spend some of your time editing your photos and turning them into award-winning shots.

Mentoring and Assignments

Throughout your placement, you will be working on a personal assignment that will be agreed upon by you and your mentor. It could be anything from creating a photographic book or designing your own website, to curating an exhibition of your work.

The assignment will be due for the end of your internship. It gives you a tangible product you can be proud of and a body of work you can add to your portfolio.

You will also meet with your mentor each week to discuss the week’s activities, your highs and lows, and your achievements. This will give you the chance to discuss your strengths and weaknesses so we can help you learn what to focus on moving forward.

Presentations and Critique Sessions

You will get to attend presentations on wildlife, ecology, habitats, and threats facing local wildlife. These give you a greater understanding of your subjects and appreciation for the natural world.

One of the ways we help you develop professionally is through regular critique sessions. These constructive sessions allow you to assess others’ work, and by doing so, teach you to think critcally of your own photographs. This will ultimately help you learn how to make them better.

Be prepared to be inspired by, and learn from, the work of others!

Conservation and Education

Sustainable conservation is only possible with the education and inclusion of local people.

Working in primary and high schools, you will help us teach conservation education (using your photographs) in order to raise awareness around local and global conservation issues.

You will also get involved in physical conservation activities that help us restore habitats and eco-systems, including clearing encroaching bush or invasive plant species.

Our internship fee includes

  • Accommodation throughout your stay
  • 3 meals a day cooked by a local chef (weekdays only)
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • 24/7 support from experienced international and local staff
  • Full training and mentorship from a professional photographer

Our internship fee excludes

  • Camera and laptop
  • Flights (we can assist you with this)
  • Travel insurance (we can assist you with this)
  • Visa-related costs
  • Weekend trips or tours not on the itinerary
  • Snacks, soft drinks, gifts, and souvenirs

Volunteer Reviews


“I was pretty hesitant at first to volunteer in South Africa again, my first time with another company wasn’t the best experience. However, volunteering with African Impact was one of the best decisions I have made. We got to do so many amazing things, and learnt so much about conservation photography. I was stoked with the amount of opportunities we had to be out in the field and practising our skills. It really felt like we were true wildlife photographers and my photography developed so quickly over the 4 weeks.”

Hannah, Australia


“This has been a once in a lifetime experience. I came to the project knowing far less than I even thought about both my camera and the art of photography, but the team have taught, encouraged and pushed my boundaries. The difference between the photos I produced at the start of the trip, to the photos I have produced in the final week, are almost incomparable as I have improved so much.”

Sophie, UK


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