Terms and Conditions

Below is an outline of the Terms and Conditions of your booking and stay with us, as well as some basic guidelines to consider when preparing for, and during your time on your placement, so that you can get the most out of your placement. This also ensures your safety and that of others involved in your placement with you. On any African Impact placement, we ask you to consider the aims and objectives of the project that you have chosen to be part of and to make every effort to support other volunteers, interns, and our African Impact staff and coordinators in the work that we are doing.


  1. Because we want African Impact to grow and flourish along with the African countries and communities in which we work, it is important that you follow these rules and guidelines.
  2. We ask that you do not carry or use any illicit substances or non-prescription drugs for the duration of your stay in your host country.
  3. We ask that you do not bring yourself or African Impact into disrepute, nor involve any other employee, volunteer, or intern in any behavior that might amount to disrepute. If your behavior is found to be detrimental to the program that you are involved with, you may be asked to leave immediately without compensation (please see our refund policy in Section 5).
  4. Please, at all times, remain presentable and well dressed. We expect you to behave with a level of courtesy consistent with the situation and, of course, the local customs.
  5. If you would like to make changes to your placement schedule or any other arrangements, please do not do so until you have consulted directly with your African Impact Destination Manager. Only when you have had written confirmation of acceptance of your request will that change be put into action. Please also note Section 6 regarding transfers between projects further along under Booking Conditions in this document.
  6. We ask you to be considerate of fellow volunteers, interns, and coordinators by being punctual for your activities and duties to the best of your ability.
  7. All of our participants are required to submit a Criminal Record Check prior to arrival and commencement of placement, which is an absolute and mandatory requirement, without exception. All of our participants, regardless of program selection, will come into contact with minors or vulnerable adults at some point during placement, and we thus feel it is our responsibility to ensure a Criminal Record Check is in place for each participant to assist in ensuring the continued safety of the people with whom we work. Please keep this in mind and be sure to apply for your Criminal Record Check in good time, as your Criminal Record Check should not be older than 6 months from your participation start date. In the event you are unable to provide a Criminal Record Check or proof of submission thereof prior to joining us, you will be unable to begin your scheduled placement until we have received a Criminal Record Check or proof of application thereof.
  8. Please do not take days off from projects unless you have given prior notice and it has been agreed upon by your project co-coordinator. This does not apply in the event of illness.
  9. If your behavior, words, or actions are thought to be disruptive by African Impact staff, or if you are thought to be a bad influence on others, after one warning, either verbal or written, you may be removed from the program without compensation.
  10. On most placements, your rooms will be cleaned by the staff at the various projects. Please treat them with courtesy and keep your room tidy. Respect your accommodation and show consideration for others.
  11. The accommodation is for your use only. No one else, including any visitors, may have the use of it while you are on your placement.


You will need to show reasonable flexibility. You will have time off during the week and during each day, but sometimes you may have to work longer hours when necessary. The number of hours you work will depend on the location and situation at your placement at your time of arrival; sometimes when you arrive at your project you may find that the number of work hours differs from those you were originally given. This is for reasons beyond our control (e.g. poor weather or animals that need urgent attention, etc.).


  1. Please note that each booking carries a non-refundable administration fee, payable as a deposit payment, of GB£ 300| US$ 400 | EU€ 350 | AU$ 550 | ZAR 6,000. The deposit payment must be made within 3 days of confirming your booking in order to secure your placement, with proof of payment sent onto African Impact. This deposit is guaranteed for life, for you only. This can be transferred to an alternative African Impact project if the project has space for your new dates and is confirmed in writing by African Impact. Any price increase to your original booking will be part of your final payment
  2. Please note that once your deposit has been paid, we cannot change the currency. Your balance will have to be settled in the original currency invoiced.
  3. If you do not pay your full invoice amount due 60 days prior to the commencement of your placement, without making prior arrangements with us, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. If you book less than 60 days prior to the commencement of your placement, you will be asked to make full payment immediately to secure your booking.
  4. If you are partaking in two or more placements, all invoices are due 60 days prior to the commencement of your first placement.
  5. In the highly unlikely event of us having to cancel your placement (due to circumstances beyond our control), we will, if possible, offer you an alternative programme. If this is not acceptable to you, we will refund all programme payments made to us less the GB£ 300 | US$ 400 | EU€ 350 | AU$ 550 | ZAR 6, 000 administration fee. Please note that we will not be liable to refund you for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your booking, such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable connecting flights, etc.
  6. Any information or advice provided by African Impact on matters such as permits, visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, etc. is given in good faith, but without responsibility on the part of African Impact, and the passenger accepts responsibility for obtaining any necessary visas and travel documents required for your placement.
  7. Disclosure of important information – African Impact and its staff reserve the right to terminate a volunteer/intern’s placement, without recourse, if it comes to light that the volunteer/intern failed to provide or provided inaccurate/incomplete booking information. African Impact also reserve the right to not allow you to join the programme.
  8. Disclosure of Medical information – African Impact and its staff reserve the right to terminate a volunteer/intern’s placement, without recourse, if it comes to light that the volunteer/intern failed to provide or provided inaccurate/incomplete or previous medical conditions and current medications not supported by a Medical Professional’s confirmation prior to arrival which could affect you during your time on the programme. African Impact also reserve the right to not allow you to join the programme should the conditions come to light before the start of your placement with no refund.
  9. Insurance – Before you travel to your placement, you must be covered by insurance, which must include adequate cover for baggage, medical expenses, and the cost of repatriation. Should you not have adequate cover prior to the commencement of your placement, you may not be allowed to continue on the programme and will have no right to a refund. Any claims concerning matters for which you are insured must be directed to your insurers. It is often the case that African Impact will put forward the costs of medical expenses in an emergency situation. You will be required upon arrival to sign an agreement that African Impact has a right to claim from your medical insurance for any expenses that we may incur on your behalf.
  10. Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise the potential hazards that may arise in this kind of travel, including injury, disease, loss or damage of property, inconvenience, or discomfort. This type of travel is one that should allow for alternatives and a substantial degree of flexibility. The outlined itineraries given for each placement must, therefore, be taken as an indication of what each volunteer/intern should accomplish, and not as a contractual obligation on the part of African Impact. Changes in itinerary may be caused by circumstances beyond our control. No refunds will be given for services not utilised.
  11. Cost changes outside the control of African Impact – African Impact reserve the right to pass on costs outside of their or their affiliated partners’ control (e.g. park fee increases, changes in local applicable taxes, for example, value-added-tax). However, African Impact commits to absorbing increased costs up to a total amount equivalent to 2 percent of the cost of the confirmed African Impact programme, and for existing bookings only. If the increased costs exceed this 2 percent, African Impact may levy a surcharge.
  12. Cancellation policy – at no time does any refund include travel or extraneous expenses as part of your trip plan:
    • If you cancel your placement up to 91 days before the start of your placement, we will refund 100% of the cost of the programme, excluding the GB£ 300 | US$ 400 | EU€ 350 | AU$550 | ZAR 6,000 administration fee.
    • If you cancel your placement between 61 – 90 days before your start date, we will refund 75% of the cost of the programme excluding the GB£ 300 | US$ 400 | EU€ 350 | AU$550 | ZAR 6,000 administration fee.
    • If you cancel between 31 – 60 days from your start date, we will refund 50% of your original payment excluding the GB£ 300 | US$ 400 | EU€ 350 | AU$550 | ZAR 6,000 administration fee.
    • If you cancel within 30 days of your start date or should not arrive to your placement for conditions outside of African Impact’s control, we can unfortunately not return any payments to you and you will forfeit your volunteer/internship fee already paid. Please check when you arrange travel insurance that a cancellation clause is part of the policy.
    • African Impact commits to offering one deferral option of your placement at the original fee quoted that will be valid for 12 months once your deferral has been confirmed in writing. After 12 months, you will be liable for the difference in fees taken in account of our annual fee changes. Note this is only applicable when you request a deferral 30 days or more before your placement start date. If notice of a deferral is not provided by you, you will have no right to a refund.


When you are booking your flights, you might like to consider booking a changeable/flexible return ticket. If any circumstances arise which lead to you needing to leave the project at a date different than your original booking and additional costs are incurred because you have purchased a non-changeable ticket, you will be solely responsible for these additional costs.


  1. If your placement is terminated by African Impact at any point during said placement, because of an infringement of the Code of Conduct, there will be no refund for the entirety of your stay.
  2. Any termination by African Impact due to an infringement of the Code of Conduct will be deemed a termination by African Impact as an organisation, applicable to any and all of our volunteer projects and Internships, and as such, should you be booked on more than one African Impact project, placement at all projects will be terminated.
  3. If you terminate your placement at any time during your placement, for any reason whatsoever, you will not be entitled to claim any refund.
  4. You will not be entitled to claim any other expenses applicable to your placement, and any costs relating to change of tickets, etc. will be for your account.
  5. Should you overpay African Impact in error when paying your placement fee, or at any time, and pay in full but defer and request a refund, African Impact will refund you for the over payment less a 10% administration fee plus all bank charges incurred. African Impact reserve the right to refund such excess funds only in the event that said monies exceed an amount of GB£ 50 | US$ 50 | EU€ 50 | AU$ 50 | ZAR 700 and at our sole discretion, in consideration of associated international administrative and banking fees. Further, no refund is applicable or possible in the case of Criminal Record Check facilitation fees whatsoever, given that these monies are disbursed to third parties from whom a refund is not applicable.


  1. Should you wish to amend your placement from one project to another, you will be required to provide 3 months written notice and such change shall be subject to availability on the project.
  2. Should you wish to transfer from one project to another project having already begun your placement, or within 3 months of beginning such placement, such transfer shall be treated as a new booking and will be subject to availability. You will be required to pay the normal placement fee applicable for the particular project chosen and duration of placement on that new project and will forfeit any balance of fees paid for the current project.

If you booked after 1 April 2020, please refer to these T&Cs.