My first homestay experience in Red Hill was incredible, and the second time getting to stay with my family was even better. I stayed with Cleo and Caroline and their three children, Athule, Precious, and Junior. They made me feel welcomed right away and my first night with them consisted of a lot of questions. Cleo and Caroline asked me a lot about where I am from and what I now do here in Cape Town, and I got to find out about their jobs and families and what brought them to Red Hill. Overall it was one of the best experiences I have had in Cape Town.

Erin DuffyUSA
Homestay, residents
Homestay, Erin and kids
Homestay, Erin and family

We are excited to announce our latest volunteer project – the Social Impact Experience. This Cape Town-based project is a 2 to 12-week adventure, created in response to a huge need from a rural settlement and volunteers wanting a more integrated experience with the community they work with. Hence, this project is the first of its kind at African Impact…

The Social Impact Experience is truly unique. The name speaks for itself. Twofold, volunteers will make a social impact through their work and it will be an experience rather than a ‘project’. So what is all the fuss? There is an overnight homestay each week where volunteers get the opportunity to ‘live like a local’; something visitors to Cape Town never get to do. This is a very special opportunity to build greater relationships with the community members you support through your regular Monday – Friday volunteer programming and will give insight into life spent lived in an informal shack-type dwelling.

The area where you will be volunteering and staying overnight is an informal settlement is called Red Hill; a 2000 occupant-strong, close-knit community that has welcomed African Impact volunteers since we first began working in Cape Town.

Outside of your homestay, volunteers help to:
  • Assist local teachers a rural pre-school
  • Run a support group for pregnant mothers and women
  • Lead a ‘job readiness’ workshop for the unemployed
  • Teach income generating skills to the elderly
  • Assist caregivers at a foster care home for children
  • Run a drop-in afterschool club for children
  • Run exercise classes for adults

The Social Impact Experience is life-changing for both the community and the volunteers. You won’t be alone in your adventure though – an African Impact staff member who has worked in the community will accompany all volunteers at all times.

If you’re ready to take volunteering to the next level and really experience what the communities we work with in South Africa live like every day, find out more about our Social Impact Experience.

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