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Greater Kruger Area, South Africa
Hoedspruit Airport
Impact: Wildlife Photography
Join a professional wildlife photographer and other budding photographers on this photography internship to gain practical experience in wildlife and ...

Photography has the incredible ability to evoke emotion, emphasise a cause, create awareness and inspire action. When done well it can be a successful tool in wildlife conservation.

Photography is widely accessible nowadays, but to photograph wildlife is a unique challenge that requires a great deal of commitment. Animals don’t cooperate, and the light and weather can change in an instant. To be an exceptional wildlife photographer you need to know your subject’s behaviour. There is no better way to learn about wildlife – their behaviours, social interactions and habitat-use – than living in the wild African bush for an extended period of time.

Our wildlife photography interns are at the forefront of some of Africa’s most exquisite wildlife, capturing their amazing movements and beauty through the lens. Our photography internship is ideal for aspiring wildlife photographers looking for a unique personal and professional development opportunity that supports tangible conservation efforts.

Interns will enhance their photographic skills and gain invaluable experience, while working alongside our fantastic professionals, who are ready to impart their extensive knowledge and expertise. We help interns to reach their full potential as a wildlife photographer, and pursue their conservation dreams.

Interns will participate in exciting game drives and close encounters with wildlife, capturing those precious moments, while witnessing these incredible animals in their natural environments, all while building a portfolio to showcase their talents.

Become fully mesmerised by the iconic African scenery, while capturing its beauty for conservation and community purposes. All photography will be available for charities and NGOs worldwide to promote and raise awareness for conservation. Share your passion for photography, while ultimately working towards a greater good.