An internship in Africa may be the perfect next step for those taking a gap year, completing their studies, or thinking of a career change. It’s one of the best ways to gain necessary work experience for your dream career, or a savvy way to see if an industry is right for you.

African Impact have been offering internship opportunities since 2004, many that compliment our award-winning volunteer projects. See, we are an African company, meaning we are right here with you on the ground and available to support you every step of the way.

The aim of our internship programs are to help you develop new skills, gain valuable work experience and give something back to the communities and programs that you come across. We know, first-hand, that an internship in Africa is like no other in the world and exposure to all that the African continent holds, can be life changing. 

Choose your internship focus

Our internship projects in Africa are divided into conservation programs and community programs.

As a wildlife conservation intern with African Impact, you will understand, first-hand, the importance of conservation within the context of the country you visit and get the opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. 

Whether you want to pursue a career in social work, community development, education, or human rights work, women’s empowerment programs provide valuable insight and experience, but also a chance to get involved with projects that are changing the face of African societies.

An internship in healthcare provides invaluable on-the-ground experience where you will get the chance to do hands-on healthcare work with local nurses and doctors to support the communities that serve.

International NGO internships allow you to maximise your impact and time abroad while gaining invaluable experience.

Wildlife Photography Internships help you gain exceptional experience and develop your skills while giving you a chance to get actively involved.

Why You Should Apply For An Internship Abroad

1. Stand out from the crowd
Taking part in an internship overseas is simply a great way to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market and is a sure-fire way of getting you in the door for a job interview. Taking the leap to move abroad shows that you are confident, capable of adapting to different – and sometimes challenging – environments, and that you have the desire to dare to do more.

2. Gain international work experience
Travel isn’t free (we wish it was), so getting your foot in the door of an international company is the best way of securing that future job overseas. Perhaps you’re looking at spending a whole year abroad but you’ve already crippled your savings – well, international work experience can help you find a job that means you can travel AND work at the same time. Win.

3. Explore new cultures
Working in a different country that is completely different from your home is an amazing opportunity to explore new cultures and learn more than just the job at hand. While completing an internship abroad, you’ll expand your horizons and be immersed in the daily goings-on of a destination, giving you exposure that you simply wouldn’t get as a regular tourist.

4. Meet new people from all over the world
International travelers all have something in common; wanting to push their boundaries and explore the world around them. You’ll likely meet tons of similarly-minded people while completing your internship, which is the perfect way to expand your global network. Put simply, next time you’re thinking of hopping on a plane to somewhere new, you might just have a free sofa waiting for you when you arrive. If that’s not a good enough reason, we don’t know what is.

5. Travel and work at the same time
It’s ok to admit that part of the reason for finding an internship abroad is to combine work and play – it’s why we all we do it. Most internships are similar to that at home – 9 to 5, Monday to Friday – so your evenings and weekends are free for you to tick off some of the bucket list adventures you’ve been craving. Got work early on a Monday morning? Nothing will set you up for the week like a good bungee-jump or safari the day before.

What Is It Like Completing An Internship Abroad With African Impact?

We feel passionately about internships because many of our staff (including our senior management) have volunteered or interned with African Impact. We recognize the importance of amazing people and once you’re in, we don’t like to let you go!

For that reason, you can expect us to take care of everything from beginning to end. We’ll work with you to find out your interests and skills and make sure that it is used to make the biggest impact possible, while also giving you as much exposure and responsibility as we can.

Whether you want to work in a rural village close to an iconic Wonder of the World, from our beach-side office in Cape Town, or from the back of a safari vehicle, it’s totally up to you. As is whether you want to do a wildlife internship, get involved in eco-tourism, or gain experience of working with children.

The majority of our internships in Africa are Monday – Friday, meaning we champion adventure and exploration in your down-time. Our experienced teams are available at all times to help you plan and book your weekend excursions (be sure to ask them for their advice!), so definitely bring a little extra $ for some once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

What makes African Impact’s internship abroad opportunities so unique?

Be based from a successful volunteer project
You will live and work from one of our volunteer project bases, so you know that your hard work is going to something worthwhile. While learning new skills on a daily basis, you’ll be a much-needed resource that will support community members or wildlife initiatives and help to grow established and award-winning programs.

Be supported by 3 personal mentors.

Not only will you live and work alongside your colleagues at one of our intern accommodations, we really understand the value of training and mentorship. It’s why we provide 3 individual mentors:

  • A senior professional to add context to your specific interests within the field; this will provide a deeper insight into the history of your destination, as well as practical training.
  • A highly qualified Personal Development Coach to work with you through one to one and group discussion. They support you with tools to use throughout your experience and beyond, exploring personal goals and opportunities for your future.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation is the measure of the impact of your work. You will be guided by our Educational Trainer on how to analyze data and translate it into valuable communications.

Get practical work experience
We won’t lie, interning with African Impact involves hard work, so there is no coffee-making for you! However, a hard day’s work means you’ll get practical work experience that will really help you in your future career and gives you the confidence to know you can complete the job at hand.

Be exposed to completely unique environments
As an intern abroad, you’ll get unique insight into your field within the context of community development or conservation in Africa. Interning for an organization who are leaders in their field and have been working directly on the ground for 15 years is a feat that not many people can boast on their CV.

Our Top Internships In Africa Include:
  • Photography Internship in the Greater Kruger Region – Improve your wildlife photography and give back through conservation
  • Environmental Sustainability Internship at Victoria Falls in Zambia – Come up with strategies to recycle plastic waste
  • Gender Equality Internship in Zambia and Tanzania – Empower girls and women to reduce gender inequality
  • Predator Research Internship in the Greater Kruger Region – Research big cats and other predators – the ultimate safari
  • NGO Internship – Gain experience of charity operations while interning for the African Impact Foundation
  • Public Health Internship – Improve access to, and quality, of healthcare in Zambia

If you’re ready to find out more about an internship abroad with African Impact, check out our full list of internship opportunities above.