Internships in Africa

African Impact’s industry-leading bespoke and mentored internship opportunities

Join us for an internship in Africa and develop new skills, gain valuable work experience (improve that resume!) and make a positive difference in local communities and wildlife initiatives. 

Our internship programs are an ideal opportunity to work and travel abroad and learn about new cultures and traditions. As an intern, you will be exposed to some incredible people and places. Whether you’d prefer to work from an office or out in the field, you’re bound to grow on a personal level. Join an internship program and be inspired, refreshed and forever changed by all that you see and do on this beautiful continent.

Our Top Internship Picks For You

Social Development & Entrepreneurship Internship 

Support and incubate local entrepreneurs, helping them learn and ultimately establish small to medium business start-ups.

Public Health Internship

This is a 4-week global health program that takes place in the town of Livingstone, Zambia, designed to improve access to, and quality of, healthcare.

Environmental Sustainability Internship

Devise ways to educate locals about the importance of effective waste management and come up with strategies to recycle plastic waste.

Social Work & Youth Development Internship

Gain practical work experience in foster care homes, supporting and enriching the lives of vulnerable children in Cape Town.