We know, first hand, that an internship in Africa is like no other in the world. The exposure to all that the African continent holds can be life-changing, which is why we have curated a niche selection of internships that are perfect for those looking to gain the necessary work experience for a dream career, or those testing the waters to see if an industry is right for them.


If you think internships are all about filing and making coffee, think again. At African Impact, we’re passionate about hands-on internships that will push your limits and change your perspectives. How is it done? Well, African Impact offer internship placements that compliment highly established and successful community development or wildlife conservation initiatives in Africa. You’ll work alongside experts in your chosen field, in sometimes-challenging environments, exploring real-world issues and being part of sustainable and practical solutions to some of Africa’s biggest challenges.

We take care of everything from beginning to end, so you’ll be supported throughout your entire journey. We’ll work with you to find out your interests and skills and make sure that it is used to make the biggest impact possible, while also giving you as much exposure and responsibility as we can. Of course, we also want you to have fun, so we’ll help you plan your downtime and make sure that you’re the making the most of your weekends off. Nothing sets you up for an early Monday morning like a bungee-jump the previous day.

Medlcal intern in Kenya working with nurse


Gain deeper insight into your chosen field within the context of community development or conservation in Africa. This provides a truly unique and extraordinary way to enhance your resume.

Be guided and supported 24/7 by highly professional and experienced teams on the ground, as well as from the wider African Impact team. Welcome to next-level interning, where you will receive 3 individual mentors for personal development coaching, professional development mentoring and academic training.

You will work directly within your chosen field, alongside an established community or conservation project. This means you get to give back something while learning new skills, and live with our wider team of staff, interns and volunteers.

Provide our local community partners direct support they would otherwise not receive, while also providing valuable, practical work experience for you (if you’re asked to make a cup of coffee, a refund is heading your way). Intern support is essential for growing, developing and monitoring our projects’ impact.



Support and incubate South African entrepreneurs, helping them learn and ultimately establish small to medium business start-ups.


Design-your-own field research and wildlife internship around an African species of your choosing in South Africa.


This 4-week global health program in Zambia is designed to improve access to, and quality of, healthcare.


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What do I get out of an internship?

Aside from unparalleled work experience and a major résumé boost, each intern, upon request, can obtain a proof of completion certificate, as well as a reference letter.

What support will I receive throughout my internship?

This is an area we specialize in as we recognize its importance. Outside of the support you receive through living with African Impact staff and other team members, you will have 3 professional experts to support you as an individual:

1. A senior expert in the field to add context to your specific interests; this will provide a deeper insight into the social and cultural considerations of your chosen destination, as well as the challenges on the profession.

2. A highly qualified Personal Development Coach to work with you through one to one and group discussion. They support you with tools to use throughout your experience and beyond, exploring personal goals and opportunities for your future.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation is the measure of the impact of your work. You will be guided by our Educational Trainer on how to analyze data and translate it into valuable communications.

Why pay to intern with African Impact?

Are you dreaming of an international internship, but are worried that you have to pay? Will it be real value? What does it include? At African Impact, our internship fees cover an enormous array of extra benefits for you that ensure you make the most of your placement overseas. We believe that a legitimate and useful internship should include for you:

Professional Support
We have a team of fully-trained managers living at each location with you. You’ll also receive your own professional development coach to work towards your internship requirements and goals.

Cultural Immersion
Each internship placement works closely with local African communities, day-in-day-out.

A Great Place to Live
Our fee includes accommodation and meals (cooked by local chefs from the community) at our private volunteer and intern houses and lodges across Africa.

Networking Opportunities
We have a huge network for academics, professionals and peers for you to connect with.

Ensured Wellbeing
When we say 24-hour support, that means more than just accommodation, food and transport. We live and work with you, putting your safety and welfare first. Always.

Purposeful Learning
Working with you from the start, we’ll clearly define and meet your learning objectives.

New Ideas Explored
We’re open to be part of your individuality and love exploring new ideas and suggestions.

Long-Lasting Impact
While learning and growing, you’ll also contribute to a wider cause, making a long-lasting impact in Africa.

Goals and Evaluations
Starting before your placement and continuing throughout, we focus on goal-setting, evaluation and feedbakc sessions with your intern supervisor.

Degree of Excellence
Simply check out our reviews and awards.

We are experts at all of this. It’s what we do 365 days a year (yep, we host interns over Christmas too), so simply drop us a line if you have any concerns at all and we will happily explain where your internship fee goes.

Can I speak to a past intern?

ABSOLUTELY! Through our Alumni program we have a host of past interns and volunteers that you are able to speak to. Simply apply for an internship and let us know – we will then put you in touch with someone you can talk to about their experience.