The Girl Impact, an African Impact and the African Impact Foundation joint partnership, was created to educate and empower and give a voice to young girls. Working with girls, women, boys and men, we strive to strengthen gender equality in three African countries – South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania.


  • 57% of girls and women justify wife-beating in Zambia
  • There are an estimated 670,000 girls living with HIV in Eastern and Southern Africa
  • 60,000 women and children in South Africa are victims of intimate-partner violence every month
  • 5% of CEO positions are filled by women and women are still underrepresented at every level of the corporate ladder
  • 15% fewer child deaths would occur if all women had a primary education

Young women are change agents and their leadership can bring vitality, creativity and courage to social advancements. They have the power to inspire and mobilize others for positive action and encourage the questioning of systems and beliefs that limit lives and choices. With support, African woman are confronting centuries-old gender injustices across the continent.

We're excited to be part of this global movement.


Our gender equality projects strive to empower and inspire women and girls across Africa, providing them with a sense of self-worth and pride.
As a volunteer, you will join one of three girl empowerment projects based in Zambia, Tanzania or South Africa. Our projects are built around 6 key pillars – Self Confidence, Income Generation, Education, Health, Early Pregnancy, and Safety.

-> Read more about volunteer activities to promote self-confidence

Providing outlets for girls and boys to express their feelings and emotions in a supportive and safe environment to ensure a boost of self-confidence outside of the classroom.

-> Read more about volunteers helping women with income generatingn tasks

Providing girls and women tools, resources and access to start their own income generating activity which, in return, produces businesses like farming and event management.

-> Read more about education and its role in female empowerment

Every girl has the right to receive the same level of education as a boy.

-> Provide health advice and resources to girls, women, boys and men

Educating girls about their bodies and educating all girls, women, boys and men about the different resources their communities provide to equal, clean and safe health care.

-> Prevent early pregnancy through education

Providing girls education surrounding early pregnancy and giving them the voice and tools to say “NO”.

-> Teach women and girls about safety

Providing girls and boys with a safe environment by enforcing our child protection policy.



Through art therapy and support groups, become a role model for vulnerable children and young adults.


Gain professional experience in the gender equality field while growing your knowledge of gender-based issues within the context of post-Apartheid South Africa.


Educate, support and empower girls and boys, breaking stereotypes about the conventional men/women roles.


Develop, monitor and evaluate gender equality programs that focus on breaking stereotypes about the role of men and women.


Break gender barriers in this unique destination, empowering women and members of the Maasai Tribe.


Develop, monitor and evaluate the success of gender equality programs that empower women and members of the Maasai Tribe.


Be part of a remarkable, award-winning initiative that empowers and uplifts women and girls in an area affected by the HIV epidemic.


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