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Does good volunteering exist? A response to J.K. Rowling

As an organization who has proudly worked with orphaned children across Africa for over a decade, the African Impact team feel a responsibility to respond to the growing criticism of volunteer travel that has been pushed to the forefront by recent comments from author and philanthropist, J.K. Rowling. We wish to bring balance to a debate that questions the role of volunteer tourism in childcare and push to end the common generalization of the international volunteer sector.

27th June 2018

Danish School Visits Antelope Park Community Projects in Zimbabwe

In April 2016, 17 young, vibrant students and 2 teachers from the Danish school SKALs SIP class had just completed their last year of high school and decided to visit Zimbabwe to get an understanding of the communities and volunteering projects which are run there, namely our Community Teaching and Street Children Support Project on the private game reserve Antelope Park.

6th May 2016