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Sports Coaching Project Blog, Cape Town

Cape Town: More Complex Than Meets The Eye?

Tourists flock to Cape Town, South Africa, every year for it’s iconic mountains, beautiful beaches and laid back lifestyle. However, this top holiday destination is much more complex than meets the eye. With countless activities such as hiking, surfing, skydiving, rugby matches and delicious food to try, it is easy to overlook the economic disparity only a short distance away.

29th June 2017
The Bigger Impact

Youth Day: Fighting for Equal Education in Cape Town

Today, our volunteer projects in South Africa are observing Youth Day; a holiday dedicated to the youth of this amazing country. It honors the death of many schoolchildren on a day in 1976 that changed the course of history in South Africa. Here, Cape Town Business Manager, Kaylee, shares with you a slice of this history, and how African Impact are still fighting for the rights of youth in this city.

16th June 2017
Sports Coaching Project Blog, Cape Town

Meet the Team: Who are Cape Town’s Shecky and Jane?

Shecky and Jane – both from Zimbabwe – work alongside the Cape Town City Project’s team. Shecky is the house cook, while Jane takes care of the home and both hold incredibly special places in the hearts of all of those who have met them. Here is their story of how they came to work for African Impact and how they have made the volunteer house in Cape Town a home for all those who pass through it’s doors.

26th July 2016