The Women Leading The Way

Gender inequality is an issue in many countries across Africa, but these women are taking charge of their futures.


These are the women of Wakipa


Wakipa is a women’s group run by The Girl Impact, an initiative founded by African Impact and the African Impact Foundation.

The Girl Impact seeks to address gender issues in Africa through education and empowerment.

The women understand that they are more powerful when they work together and empower each other.


These are the women of Wakipa

Together, they have started up their own business and helped create a stronger, more united community.

They also inspire the next generation of women through a mentorship program run by The Girl Impact.

Women make up half of the human population. Their participation is critical to building healthy communities and advancing global growth and development.

Now more than ever, we cannot afford to lose out on the ideas, skills, and participation of half of humanity. To achieve a better future, women need to be a part of it.


Get involved with The Girl Impact and be a part of this extraordinary journey.