What it takes to Reintroduce Big Cats

With poachers lurking and habitats shrinking, wildlife is under threat like never before.

But on the edge of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, land is being rehabilitated so animals can roam once again.

Three reserves joined forces to create one large reserve with an ecosystem that can support the Big 5.

The fences between the reserves were dropped in 2017 and volunteers began grooming old farmland for the new arrivals.

With the help of people and series of small things brought together, the land is slowly being returned to the wild.

Lions and a cheetah were released into the reserve in 2018 and the dream of reintroducing big cats took its first official steps.

Without people, the story of Rietspruit Reserve would never have unfolded the way it has.

And with plans to release elephants and the rest of the Big 5 into the reserve, the journey continues.


Follow the journey of Rietspruit and witness how small things really do lead to big changes