Home Based Care's Role in Recovery

Mbuso was shot and paralyzed while on duty as a security guard. He thought he would never feel his legs again.

With the help of home based care, Mbuso regained sensation in his legs and is optimistic about being able to walk again.

But stories of recovery are not common in rural communities where healthcare is often expensive or inaccessible.

Faced with such grim circumstances, home based care is a saving grace to these communities.


Meet Shwele, the medical coordinator on our home based care initiative in South Africa

With volunteers offering extra support, Shwele and community caregivers can visit more homes and help more people.

Community caregivers can typically reach about 3-4 homes a day, but with the help of volunteers they can reach about 7-9 homes.

Home based care is doing its small part to improve lives and uplift communities in South Africa.

“Coming to South Africa honestly changed my life. I believed that when I left home on that cold Saturday morning, I was going for the sole purpose of making a true impact on the lives of the people there: truth is, those people were the ones who left an impact on me.”
– Summer, Medical volunteer, USA


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