Dolphin Swims: Is There a Better Way?

Swimming with wild dolphins has put the traditional fishing village of Kizimkazi in Zanzibar on the map.

But with no government tourism regulation, unethical tours are chasing the dolphins out of the bay and out of the lives of the people who depend on them to survive.

Without the dolphins, Kizimkazi risks being plunged back into poverty.

Is it possible to balance tourism and conservation? We know so.

Introducing the 20 ethically-trained boat drivers that are pioneering responsible dolphin tours in Kizimkazi.

It all began in 2016, when African Impact started offering ethical dolphin tour workshops to local boat drivers. These sessions teach boat drivers about dolphins and how the behavior of tourists, and the boat itself, is impacting these marine creatures.


Meet our Marine Coordinator, Frank

Volunteers who run these sessions help connect the dots between irresponsible interactions and fewer dolphin sightings. Through this, drivers are beginning to understand the necessity for ethical tours and how they will sustain the dolphin population and their incomes for generations to come.

With support from volunteers, our trained boat drivers have been able to host tours that have reached over 100 tourists since late 2018.

But it doesn’t stop with training new boat drivers. By partnering with hotels, we’re reaching more tourists seeking a responsible way to swim with dolphins and finding a balance between protecting the dolphins and ensuring a future for the people who depend on them.

“Ultimately, conservation is about people.”
– Nelson Mandela


Join our marine conservation project and help protect the dolphins in Zanzibar.