Turning Plastic into Building Blocks: EcoBricking

A plastic waste revolution is finding its feet in a small town in Zambia...

With limited or no waste services available, people in rural towns across Africa have no choice but to dump, bury, or burn garbage.

To avoid an environmental disaster, communities must find sustainable solutions for plastic waste.

Together with the Livingstone community, we joined the fight against plastic by turning trash into EcoBricks.


How do you make an EcoBrick?

Since 2016, thousands of EcoBricks have been collected and transformed the Livingstone community in numerous ways.

The passion for environmental conservation we have seen in the communities we work with has been extraordinary, which is vital for long-term, sustainable change.

The project won two awards and EcoBricking will be rolled out across all our projects within the next few years.

Changing mindsets by transforming the way people see and deal with plastic is the key to turning the tide on plastic.


Join us in Livingstone and help find more innovative ways to protect the environment from plastic.