Early Childhood Development: The Kids of Kuyasa

A beacon of hope for South African children in a country still suffering from the effects of Apartheid.

For over 40 years, as one of the most extreme racial segregation acts of Apartheid, the non-white population of South Africa was systematically subjected to poorer quality education than the white population.

And yet, in the 25 years since its abolishment, remnants of this horrific regime are still evident.

This is Khayelitsha, one of the largest townships in South Africa, and home to an estimated two million individuals.

Here, there are approximately 40,000 children under the age of 5, and only 150 registered early childhood development sites.

Kuyasa Educare is one of these.

Kuyasa currently cares for 105 kids under the age of 6, with the goal of aiding in their development as they prepare for school.

But in overcrowded classrooms with few learning resources and qualified teachers, it is easy for children to fall behind.

This is why African Impact has been working with Kuyasa since 2017. Volunteers offer much needed support to the teachers by identifying children struggling to engage in the lessons and providing them with vital one-to-one attention that they would otherwise be unable to receive.

This hands-on help in the classroom allows the teacher to focus on delivering their lessons and activities, while ensuring all children in the classroom are making real progress for their next step into school.

Kuyasa is just one of the incredible organizations in Khayelitsha that is uplifting the children of their community and giving them a positive head-start in their schooling and future.


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