Championing Home-Grown Talent: Audrey

She started out as a student in our English literacy classes, and today, she is a liaison for our Girl Empowerment Program.

When Audrey found African Impact, she was a student in our Adult Literacy Classes in Zambia.

Her determination and vivacious spirit caught our attention. It was clear she was the perfect role model for the girls of Livingstone.

“The experienced one is the best teacher and I want these girls to have a bright future. I do not want these girls to pass through. I believe if a girl is educated, then the whole community is educated.”
– Audrey

Audrey was hired as a translator, but her passion for girls’ education soon found its fit in The Girl Impact; a joint initiative between African Impact and the African Impact Foundation.

With Audrey as their mentor, the girls of Livingstone are finding their voices and realizing they can take control of their futures.

Audrey is just one of the people who have been the driving force behind our 15 year journey. It is because of them that it continues.